If You Go Down To The Woods Today… Kiddylicious Mini Hamper Comp

As a first time parent, there are very few things that I feel like I have gotten right first time… or feel that I have gotten through on more than just a wing and prayer. That said, one of the things that Mr Vista and I have managed to get absolutely right (with the helpRead more

Weaning – The Textures Game

After spending time reading up on weaning babies and just generally making it up as I went along, it would appear that I have done a pretty good job. I have a weaned baby! Little Miss will give almost anything you put in front of her a go – regardless of the fact that she onlyRead more

We’ve been in Ella’s Kitchen again…

Mr Vista and I are very lucky to have been blessed with a little girl that has weaned wonderfully. We are yet to find anything that she flat out refuses to eat.    In part, I think that this could be from all of the home cooking that I have given her from the wordRead more

Ella’s Kitchen: A Weeny Weaning Restaurant

All mums feed their babies differently from as early on as pregnancy. Some pregnant ladies stuff their faces with anything they can get their hands on, others choose to eat very cleanly.  Many new mums choose to breastfeed exclusively, others bottle feed exclusively. Some mum’s of older babies choose only organic produce for their babiesRead more

Well done my clever Little Miss

We are so pleased to say that our little girl is happily weaning. She’s more than happy to eat food from the spoon (especially if she is giving it a go), but is even happier to pick food up and eat it by herself. Baby led weaning isn’t something that I thought I would considerRead more