Garden Goals for 2017

It’s so nice to finally have a garden to have Garden Goals for. We had a little yard at our old house that we spent a lot of time making lovely (read about that here), but now that we have the extra room we’re thinking about how to make our outside space into an extraRead more

The Naughty (DIY) List

I don’t mind admitting it… I love a good list. Just like jolly old Saint Nick. Because of the job that I do and because of the life that I live, organisation of everyday life is just easier with a ‘To Do’ list. But I seem to be taking them to the extreme just recently.Read more

A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul… How To Make A Teapot Birdhouse

PRESS PLAY… I’ve got a thing about my garden. Well, its more of a yard actually… it’s small, and with a little bit of elbow grease and creativity I think we’ve managed to make it lovely… and functional. We have a few small crops of home-grown fruits and vegetables every year. But it isn’t justRead more