It’s Been A While…


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Thrifting Amore

You might have noticed a little #ShowMeTheThrift buzz on mine and Polkadot Pink’s instagram accounts last weekend. We were out and about and thrifting. This year we plan to travel the country (or the North at the very least) to enhance our love of all things second-hand and sustainable fashion. One might call it Thrifting Amore.

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Six of The Best…

I’m always intrigued as to where other people shop for their clothes. I don’t really have any two fiends that shop in the same places as each other or as me for that matter.

I have friends of all different ages and all differnet style inclinations. Some will only shop at Boden and Joules, whislt others visit Next and Marks and Spencers on a regular basis.

I’m the kind of girl (on a budget as well you know by now) that shops by the rule:

“Buy cheap, buy twice”.

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The Budget Baptism #5 – The Cake

This is the fifth post in the series of ‘How we threw a gorgeous Christening for our daughter on just £100!’.

The christening cake could be classed as a little bit cheaty… but I’m putting it in anyway.

My mum wanted to help out with the costs of the day and we suggested she add to the buffet that we were going to make ourselves. In honesty, I was going to attempt to make a celebration cake myself but was quickly running out of time and money.

A cake isn’t the be all and end all of an occasion, but it’s nice to have a centre piece for the buffet table.

My Mum asked a friend of a friend to make this beautiful cake for us. I swooned when I saw it! Such talent! Thanks you so much Caroline Rowe Swift, you made our day!

So girly!
So gorgeous!
So perfect!
So tasty!

Caroline is a cake maker and decorator of some wonderful creations, but she only does it as a hobby and only makes for friends and family for the enjoyment. This makes her cakes even more special, as they are all one of kind!

Before we cut the cake, my brilliant jedi-like husband took some wonderful photographs and managed to pick a few of the butterflies and the baby off the cake (all made out of icing!!!!!) and put them in a box. I intend to keep them with the icing topper from our wedding cake forever.

This masterpiece was done for cost price for Mum as she is a friend (but didn’t cost us anything as it was a gift), but you can expect to pay hundreds of pounds for a beauty like this on the high-street. My advice? – ask around friends to see if they know anyone that can make occasion cakes and call in a favour? It could save you as much as half of your budget!

I still love to look at the pictures and marvel at the beauty… And it was absolutely divine to eat!

Would you have a cake for a Christening? What do you think? 

Thanks so much for reading: The Budget Baptism #5 – The Cake