Slimming World SYN FREE Sweet Potato Jambalaya Recipe

I know very little about the origins of Jambalaya to be completely honest. I know it’s a Spanish-French-African rice dish originating from Louisiana (thanks google!), and I know that this recipe is utterly sumptuous and easy to make: Slimming World SYN FREE Sweet Potato Jambalaya Recipe.

To my knowledge Jambalaya (derived from the work ‘jumbled’ I believe from the comments on a Jamie Oliver website recipe) is usually made with chicken, chorizo and / or prawns. But just recently I find myself leaning more towards vegetarian dishes so sweet potato really speaks to me: It’s easy to prepare, satisfying and really tasty – not to mention you can eat them until they come out of your ears on the Slimming World Plan. Read more

A Wish for Summer…

A few months ago now I shared with you my love for an online archive of scrummy and slimming world adaptable recipes by a chef named Hari Ghotra. In light of the BBC considering a cull of the online Good Food archives, Ghotra’s online Summer Recipe cards are certainly something to keep in mind.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes and their syn values:

A Wish for Summer... written by katie haydock for life on vista street on behalf of hari ghotra

Coconut and Vanilla Ice Cream
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If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that I’ve been on the slimming world programme now for nine weeks.

With my tenth weigh in looming I’m hoping for my third certificate (that’s a stone and a half) soon.

I’ve been making plenty of use of out of the recipe booklet that came in my pack and I’ve been having a good look on PinterestΒ too, but now that I’m getting into it I’m learning more about what is ‘FREE’ and what is ‘syn’ed.

So, I’ve created two quick and easy soups that are tasty and totally SYN FREE!

Chicken Noodle SoupΒ 

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