A Little Bit Lately…

June passed me by very, very quickly… how about you? We were on holiday at the beginning of the month and it just seems to be a life time ago…

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Braun Series 3 Review

It’s that time of year again… Father’s Day. I like the idea behind both Mother’s and Father’s day – it’s nice to appreciate those that we love – but I’m always stuck as to what to buy for gifts… Do I go all out and spend a fortune? Or do I just buy a thoughtfulRead more

Le Clean, C’est Freak: Astonish Competition

It is a very rare occasion indeed that my house is tidy. I’m tired and I have a toddler – I think that is enough justification. However, my house is always, ALWAYS clean!

A Toddlers Review of the Baby Born Dolls Pram

Little Miss Vista’s Margar (that’s Grandma to you and I) and Granddad got her a dolly for her second Christmas. She had just turned one, wasn’t quite walking or talking and simply loved nothing more than to give all of her toys a cuddle.

Vienna Festival Ballet’s Swan Lake

I always find my Mum a notoriously difficult person to buy gifts for. What do you buy someone that has everything? Every Birthday and Christmas time I subtly probe for ideas… she never lets on… And then before you know it, it’s blooming Mother’s Day. Argh. But this year I had decided that tickets wereRead more