Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Compared to first time around, I fell pregnant fairly quickly with baby number 2. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for me being so in tune with my body I may not have known I was pregnant as early as I did. All of those very early signs of pregnancy were there… Read more

Five things to consider before getting a cat…

If you have followed me on twitter or instagram for a while, then before baby arrived in November, you would have viewed lots and lots of photographs of a black and white cat.

A naughty black and white cat.

This black and white cat…

stevie doesnt play for English as he is a black and white pet cat 5 things to consider before getting a cat
Who dares disturb my slumber?

Meet Stevie. 

The reason that my John Lewis dining room chairs are plucked, my window ledges and blinds never look clean, and why the neighbour at the back us dislikes me.

Stevie likes: cuddles, napping in the sunshine, dreamies, being where he shouldn’t be, posing for photos, a good solid box.

stevie doesnt play for English as he is a black and white pet cat 5 things to consider before getting a cat baby love cuddles
Joining in on the cuddling action…

Stevie dislikes: sainsburys own cat food, Whiskas, fish, the fat ginger cat that lives at the back of us, the hoover.

**Not actual fat ginger cat**

We live in the middle of a few fields and woodland walking park, so as you can image, we get mice from time to time.

I hate mice.

I don’t care that they are ‘cute’. I don’t care that they don’t know the error of their ways. I don’t care that they star in ‘The Rescuers’. They are little, and wriggly, and they squeak… and don’t even get my started on their tails!

Urrgh! *Shudder*.

Stevie has been my furry companion since August of 2012 when I brought him into our home, against my husbands will, to be my ferocious mouse catcher. He was only just one year old when we got him and he was a rescue cat that needed a good home.

By nature, I am not a cat person, but I loved him as soon as I met him. He isn’t a typical cat… I’m pretty sure he thinks he is a dog. But a really dopey type of dog that falls off things and sits in the sink.

When we first brought Stevie home, both my husband and I were complete cat novices and it has taken us both a while to get used to looking after one. But it gets easier as you go along.

Here are 5 handy tips for anyone thinking of getting a cat:- 

1. They bring gifts

The nicest thing in the world that a cat can do for you (in his head) is bring you a snack… Mouse tail or robin beak anyone? Nah, didn’t think so.

Read up on how to humanly (and quickly) kill maimed things because if your cat really loves you (and he will) they bring you your gifts alive and kicking so that you can even have the thrill of killing it yourself! Yum.

2. They wee in a tray

As we all know, urine isn’t a pleasant smell. Cat litter is rank! Put the two together and what have you got? Misery! Be prepared to do this every other day. Some may advise ‘you can just scoop the bits out and you don’t have to change the litter for a few days’. Yes, you can do that… if you want a box of wee and poo particles hanging around!

Also, worth knowing you can’t go anywhere near cat litter if you are pregnant due to toxoplasmosis.

Stevie the dog cat loves a good cuddle and he's not fussy who its with

3. They are expensive

Cat box – £20

Annual booster jabs – £40

Monthly flea preventer – £5

Food (two pouches per day, seven days per week) – £15

Biscuits (one box per month) – £1

Cat litter (two bags per month) – £8

Treats (per month) – £1, 846, 625, 995

Collars (Stevie usually loses at least one every two months) – £3

Carpet cleaner (Cats vomit. A lot. Usually down the back of your radiator or in the middle of the living room carpet.) – £3

This is of course provided they don’t need an emergency visit to the vets / get fleas / wreck your furniture / need to go into a cattery for your holidays.

4. They are annoying little swines

Kittens and young cats are inquisitive by nature, unfortunately this can make them a little naughty. They may scratch things i.e. furniture, you, your children, the post man. They may bite things i.e. furniture, you, your children, the post man.

When cats want to play and they get bored of chasing bits of fluff around the kitchen floor, they don’t bring a ball to you like a dog does. Oh no, this would be too easy. Cats prefer to let you know by a. hunting you b. pouncing on your feet c. going absolutely bat crap crazy running around the front room d. any of the three previous with ninja like stealth to make you jump out of your skin.

Stevie usually alerts me to the fact that he wants something by sitting in front of me and staring at me (sometimes this goes on for hours) until I move. And even then, he doesn’t give me a hint, I have to guess whilst asking him over and over ‘what do you want?’… of course her never answers!

They get fleas *shudders again*.

And lastly, have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night and had to make a bottle up for a new born baby? Imagine rising from your bed to battle the elements of a twilight British winter when the heating has gone off and its dark because if you switch a light on your eyes will focus and you will be awake even after the baby has gone back to bed. Imagine / remember how irritable you felt? Well, imagine this with a cat rubbing himself up and down the backs of your frozen goosepimply legs.

Annoying? Very!

BeFunky_null_71.jpg1 steve the dog cat really enjoyed my pregnancy bump!

5. They live for a really long time

Nuff said.

Visualise all of the above for at least 18 – 20 years, because provided they don’t run out of lives before then, that’s how long they naturally live!

Having said all of this, I love having my little dopey ball of fur. He’s funny, affectionate, just a little bit crazy and part of our family. He loves baby and she loves him. In all, he is a lovely family pet and I’m so glad we have him (husband begs to differ).

One last tip – pet insurance for cats starts from as little as £3 per month and is well worth it!

IMG_89351 steve the cat is party of our family on vista street
Very much part of our family…

Do you have a cat? What would you add to the list? 

Thanks for reading: Five things to consider before getting a cat…



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Steve the cat could not resist my bump!

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