26 Things Every Pregnant Gal Needs to Hear

At 39 weeks pregnant I am now the most pregnant that I have *ever* been. By this point in my pregnancy with Little Miss Vista I had already given birth, fallen in love and returned home from the hospital after a four night stay.

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Compared to first time around, I fell pregnant fairly quickly with baby number 2. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for me being so in tune with my body I may not have known I was pregnant as early as I did. All of those very early signs of pregnancy were there…

Five things to consider before getting a cat…

If you have followed me on twitter or instagram for a while, then before baby arrived in November, you would have viewed lots and lots of photographs of a black and white cat. A naughty black and white cat. This black and white cat… Who dares disturb my slumber? Meet Stevie.  The reason that myRead more

The Beginning… My Pregnancy

Up until quite recently I was a grumpy, heavily pregnant individual. Steve the cat could not resist my bump!