My Ordinary Captured Moment: Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped Because, my love, sometimes it isn’t about How fast or tall How long How loud or sweet the shout Happy moments can too be made of bare faces Kinky hair Crooked biscuits And no spare spaces A messy draining board, as full as my heart A crooked photo Just ordinary us Faced withRead more

Have I told you lately…

When the world spins so fast that you don’t know where you are When life is sometimes so difficult you forget who is your shining star When you’re so tired you feel you could sleep for a week When you go away for a rest and miss two faces so much you could weep WhenRead more

Mummy’s Bad Hair Day…

What I imagine could be going through Little Miss’s head when she’s playing with my hair… My Mummy’s hair is long and curly, My Mummy’s hair can be quite scary…. To tame it, Mummy must get up early, This can make Mummy fairly surly.   My Mummy’s hair can turn up in the strangest place,Read more

In the Night Garden Groupie

A few short verses inspired by my sleeping In The Night Garden groupie… Tick tock Click clock Here we go round the garden Round and round Holding Mummy’s hand We both fall on the carpet You are now so BIG But still so small My baby, ever growing Silent silent I watch you sleep WithoutRead more

An Ode: Online Grocery Shopping…

My ode to the thing that makes me gleefully joyous! I hate grocery shopping more than anything… and online grocery shopping makes me so happy, I thought it deserved an Ode…  On my sofa I sit Armed with a cuppa and a bic My shopping list in my hand My money off coupons have beenRead more