My Captured Moment: My Happy Place

I always thought that people who went on holiday whilst off work sick were swinging the lead. But now that I have actually been off sick (I went back to work on Friday) I can see why it is a good thing and why anyone that is able should do it.

From Whence I Came…

I have been lucky enough to make it to thirty years of age and still have two of my natural grandparents alive. In fact, Little Miss Vista actually has three living great-grandparents!  Can you say spoilt?!  Both of my Dad’s parents are still with us: ‘Father’ at 87 years old, and ‘Nan Sav’ just aRead more

Big Cousin, Little Cousin: My Sunday Photograph 29th March 2015

When I look at photographs like these I can’t help but think about two things: Big Cousin, Little Cousin 1. Where has the time gone?  To the right (in pink) is my Little Miss Vista. She is coming up to seventeen months of age. To the left, is my gorgeous niece. The first of herRead more

My Captured Moment…

Late last week Mr Vista, Little Miss Vista and I went to a family friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful affair and despite the terrible weather everything went off without a hitch. The bride was utterly stunning and the wedding cake even lit up! But what stood out most to me on this big dayRead more