Garden Goals for 2017

It’s so nice to finally have a garden to have Garden Goals for.

We had a little yard at our old house that we spent a lot of time making lovely (read about that here), but now that we have the extra room we’re thinking about how to make our outside space into an extra room of our house.

Garden Goals for 2017
Our old yard was small but perfect formed…

We spend a lot of time outside when the weather is good enough as the toddler is an explorer to say the least… couple that with the new slide and the Wendy House and you can imagine how hard it is for us to keep her indoors when it’s minus 3 degrees.

But with the beginnings of spring’s new tulips and daffodils poking out of the soil it’s nearly time to let her loose in the sandpit once one – and it is time to start thinking about what we’re going to plant int the coming weeks: what flowers we love and what parts of our home and garden we want to make a feature out of. Read more

Paint, Glitter and Quality Time: My Captured Moment #toddlerapprovedTuesday

WARNING –  **Daddy – This post contains spoilers**

We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks. We’ve been to Geronimo, on holiday, had a car breakdown and bought a new car (new to us, not new new) and numerous play dates.

This week I got to have an extra day off work with my Little Miss, so I decided that we should stay home and have some quality time together… We decided to make some Father’s Day cards. One for Daddy, and one for each of her Granddads (she has three – lucky girl!) Read more

The Naughty (DIY) List

I don’t mind admitting it… I love a good list. Just like jolly old Saint Nick.

Because of the job that I do and because of the life that I live, organisation of everyday life is just easier with a ‘To Do’ list.


But I seem to be taking them to the extreme just recently. I appear to be knocking out lists of epic proportions (and expense) since we became parents. No sooner than everything has been scrubbed off one list, I seem to be compiling another. Read more

Dulux Bedroom in a Box #AsIfByMagic

A few weekends ago, Dulux invited Daddy, Baby and I to the Manchester Ideal Homes Show to take a look at their ‘Bedroom in a Box’.

I love fairs and places that inspire me to create things and I thought that this would be the perfect experience. I’ve never been to an Ideal Homes Event before as they are usually down south.
dulux bedroom in a box #asifbymagic the ideal home show manchester event city
We turned up on the day, and after much searching we finally found the Dulux stand

I’m not just saying this because Dulux gave us the tickets… but what a BRILLIANT idea! It is literally what it says on the box… A full decorating kit for a bedroom in, a box.

The example bedroom that was on display on the day was the Sea Adventures kit. Whilst daddy was busy snapping away, baby girl and I checked out the wall art. She was smitten with  some of the fish and a turtle. Not to mention the Dulux dog! Happy baby!

dulux bedroom in a box #asifbymagic the ideal home show manchester event city
The actual boxes and an example of the wall mural inside.
dulux bedroom in a box #asifbymagic the ideal home show manchester event city
Sadly she didn’t get to keep him.
dulux bedroom in a box #asifbymagic the ideal home show manchester event city
Two of the lovely people from Dulux that we were chatting to on the day
dulux bedroom in a box #asifbymagic the ideal home show manchester event city
‘So what’s in the box?’ I hear you ask…
  • A walltastic Sea Adventure Mural
  • Dulux Matt 2.5L Mineral Mist
  • Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood 750ml White Cotton
  • Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive
The box contains enough product to cover a room that is 3.5m by 3.5m. Dulux have been really clever and produced a paint calculator to see if you need to add more paint to your box for larger rooms. Excellent!
Total price for this beauty? £70 for everything!
It is perhaps a little more than I would usually spend on decorating a child’s bedroom, but I would be tempted purely by the fact that you don’t need to wonder around B&Q aimlessly looking for things because it’s all already in the box! Hoorah!

What do you think? Would you be tempted?

Thanks so much for reading: Dulux Bedroom in a Box #AsIfByMagic



*Photography supplied by Mr Vista*