And Then There Were Four…

It’s a boy!

Our Breastfeeding Story – Part 2

I started to tell Our Breastfeeding Story… and then life happened and before I know it we are three weeks on. I ended the last post telling you how we were faced with our brand new tiny little miss having to be taken to special care baby unit if she didn’t buck up and startRead more

The Budget Baptism #1 – The Baby Boom

Our daughter was born at the end of 2013 and it seems that she was born in a baby boom… or at least I think that she was. Mr Vista disagrees so maybe I have imagined it? However, in my defence, there seem to have been a lot of babies born to people that weRead more

Something that should be shared…

I read this blog post by Thinly Spread and it moved me so much that I needed to share. I know how well looked after I was during my pregnancy and how well looked after both of us were after my baby arrived. Even after we were discharged the fantastic care didn’t end… I wishRead more

The Beginning… My Pregnancy

Up until quite recently I was a grumpy, heavily pregnant individual. Steve the cat could not resist my bump!