12 Work Out Tunes For 90s Kids

Wanting to work up a sweat to supplement that Slimming World plan you’re on? Yeah – me too. I keep looking at my pre-Christmas photos and my pre and post weight loss photos as motivation to shift my Christmas belly. But tonight I smashed my Kettlebells work out – not just because I’m getting intoRead more


It’s always nice to have a special link to the important moments in life. Like the lyrics to a song reminding you of a date, or the way the weather turns cold and reminds you a lingering feeling… Well… if you follow me on social media you may have noticed that my Mr and IRead more

13 Fight Songs for GIRLS

Sometimes being a girl is hard! I know this because I’m a girl and my brain never switches off. Ever. Even when I’m asleep my brain is still making a mental to do list for the next day. Some days I’m so worn out and I’m scraping the bottom of the proverbial positivity barrel andRead more

12 Songs I Need My Daughter To Listen To

*Disclaimer: This is a bit of a soppy one. Sorry* A long, long time ago (in the days of My Space and BT mobile phones with the screw-on aerial) my best friend and I had a conversation about how certain songs are triggers for certain things. An emotion, a happy time , a sad time… It’sRead more