Look After The Pennies…

It has been a super busy few months – if you are a regular reader, you may have noticed I’ve been publishing less. For no other reason than I’ve been working, mumming, eating and sleeping and binge watching Desperate Housewives. It is because I am so busy, and work so hard for my money thatRead more

The SEVEN Best Ingredients To Make Soup

There are MANY things that I love about our new home, but the way we have adapted to sitting around the table to eat our evening meals is by far one of my favourites. In our old house we had a separate dining room with a plush, six seater John Lewis dining set. We barelyRead more

Overnight Oats – Slimming World Friendly Recipes

Oh how my slimming world plan has gone down the pan (again) over the past few weeks. Another busy month, coupled with working away from home and copious amounts of snot (mainly from me and the small person) do not a clear mind make. Truth be told – my weight loss has plateaued a littleRead more

Goals for May

A possible move or reveneration of our current home has been on the cards for a little while now. But since ‘Barbie’s dream house’ happened to pop up on our Right Move feed… *squee* we’ve made an offer and are going through our finances with a fine toothed comb. Nothing is confirmed yet so weRead more

A Fresh Food start!

Just recently, I’ve found a few blogs that I absolutely LOVE to follow that I never even knew existed before. Two of those bloggers have written pieces on cooking for a family on a budget and have highlighted how much we really do waste food. Both Frugal Queen and Blethering Boys  have written several posts toRead more