Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Compared to first time around, I fell pregnant fairly quickly with baby number 2. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for me being so in tune with my body I may not have known I was pregnant as early as I did. All of those very early signs of pregnancy were there… Read more

Blogger Advent: Door #22

Welcome to day number 22 of blogger advent.

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Vlog Club: My TOP FIVE Beauty Products

You know it’s a wild weekend when you agree – with a group of close lovely, bloggy friends – to take part in a monthly video blog (VLOG) link up featuring five of our favourite things.

One of the things I love most about my blogger friends, their loving nature aside, is the fact that we are all different. We are a group of many, and not one of us is the same. This made the idea of a link up of FIVE of our favourite things perfect.

To start our ‘Vlog Club’, we decided we should share our: Top FIVE favourite Beauty Products.

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In this first link up of six videos (to find all of them click here) there is only ONE duplicate in 30 items… well a few more than 30… a few of us couldn’t make a decision.

Indecisive? Moi?


I love to vlog! I’m not convinced that I’m a master at it yet – but I’m getting better! A couple of weeks back, I posted a few pictures and said how happy I was with my skin since I started a clean eating regime

I go so much positive feed back from this, that I posted a ‘how to’ you tube video on how I make myself over from haggard to HOT.

It has been my most popular video by far… (I know 96 views isn’t mega but it made me feel like a super star!)

So following on from there, and after being nominated to share by the gorgeous Jenna of Tiny Footsteps… it would have been rude not to share the contents of my cosmetics basket with you!

Grab a brew, get your feet up – and I hope you enjoy!

So there we have my top five favourite beauty products…

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Until next month – thanks for watching: Vlog Club: My TOP FIVE Beauty Products

Love (and vlogs)

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