It’s time for me to construct the family weekly meal plan and as social media would lead me to believe, today is blue Monday. First thing this morning the boiler was as dead as a dodo. PANIC. After a few minutes of both Mr Vista and I standing there, pressing buttons and scratching our headsRead more

Slimming World Fathers Day Feast for Less Than Forty Quid

I like cooking and these days I would much rather entertain than go out for a meal, for a few reasons: 1. It’s cheaper 2. You can take as long as you like to eat 3. You can add and remove as much fat as you like 4. Home cooked food is less likely toRead more


If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that I’ve been on the slimming world programme now for nine weeks. With my tenth weigh in looming I’m hoping for my third certificate (that’s a stone and a half) soon. I’ve been making plenty of use of out of the recipe booklet that came inRead more

How to feed a family on a budget: Part One

My mum did a pretty good job of preparing me for life as a grown up an adult by teaching me the ways of the world: How to clean your house so it looks clean with minimal effort How to stick up for yourself How to pay all of the bills that you can goRead more

How does your garden grow?

Our back yard is very small but it is perfectly formed and is a beautiful place to sit in the sunshine with the baby and the cat and chill out. Mummy, baby, kitty and lappy!