It’s Been A While…


All Aboard The BB Bakery Bus

BB Bakery is a traditional French Salon de Thé (that’s cafe to us Brits) bringing the authentic taste of real French baking to London. Whether you want to meet friends for a coffee and a pastry, relax in comfy chairs over a spot of lunch at their bakery or… for something a little different youRead more

Faith, Hope, Luck, Love: My Captured Moment

I wasn’t going to blog today. To be totally honest with you I haven’t got the energy. Physically or mentally. Things are a bit tough at the moment. Nothing life threatening. Nothing earth shattering. All small things that can be mended or forgotten with time. But you know that scene from ‘Bruce Almighty’ when heRead more

Kick Ass Craft, Caprice and CAKE!

Can I just start by saying… Where on earth did that week those two weeks go?! (I have been drafting and editing this post for over two weeks – whoa?!) I really cannot believe that over two weeks ago I was on my merry giddy way to London. I was so excited that I couldn’t eatRead more