It’s Been A While…


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All Aboard The BB Bakery Bus

BB Bakery is a traditional French Salon de Thé (that’s cafe to us Brits) bringing the authentic taste of real French baking to London. Whether you want to meet friends for a coffee and a pastry, relax in comfy chairs over a spot of lunch at their bakery or… for something a little different you could enjoy a unique BB Afternoon Tea Tour on a Routemaster Bus…

BB Bakery is the place to be…

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Faith, Hope, Luck, Love: My Captured Moment

I wasn’t going to blog today.

To be totally honest with you I haven’t got the energy. Physically or mentally. Things are a bit tough at the moment.

Nothing life threatening. Nothing earth shattering. All small things that can be mended or forgotten with time. But you know that scene from ‘Bruce Almighty’ when he can hear ALL the prayers?… That is how I feel.

This morning was terrible.

Utterly, utterly terrible.

I stood on the phone to my husband in tears as he contemplated taking our daughter to A&E for the second time in 24 hours. Our Little Adventurer is forever getting knocks and scrapes… but she’s never had anything that a ‘kiss better’ didn’t fix. Read more

Kick Ass Craft, Caprice and CAKE!

Can I just start by saying… Where on earth did that week those two weeks go?!

(I have been drafting and editing this post for over two weeks – whoa?!) I really cannot believe that over two weeks ago I was on my merry giddy way to London. I was so excited that I couldn’t eat anything… except for almost an entire grab bag of Walkers Ready Salted.

I felt so sick I couldn’t wait to get off the train.

This was my first year at Brit Mums and I barely never travel to London because I’m from the North of England and eternally on a budget. So this was a really special treat!

As a first timer – here’s what I thought (apologies for the shaky, stark and slightly pink photography!)

What I loved…

BeFunky Collage bml7

Top left to bottom right –

I’ll be honest… I had no idea who Deliciously Ella was until the Brit Mums agenda came out. The more I googled her, the more I discovered I liked her. She is fantastically accomplished for someone so young and I’m really getting into her book and blog!

Victoria Wright was utterly inspiring and totally humble to it. Her standing ovation was totally deserved.

I was really shocked how impressed I was by Carol Smilie. She was simply lovely! But I was even more shocked at how even more impressed I was with Caprice! She isn’t someone who I thought to be inspiring or amusing, but she’s both, I thought, in copious amounts.

BeFunky Collage bml6

Top left to bottom right –

I, along with the other Brit Mums Live attendee’s am now a world record holder. We hold the record for most mummy’s wrapped as mummies in three minutes… this is 51 in case you were guessing…

The ‘Ordinary Lovely’ Rachel receiving her BIB award from Carol (first name basis obvs).

I enjoyed the Social Media seminar and took away some valuable info… as well as two new items for my wardrobe shopping list… Maggy’s skirt and shoes!

Some of the sessions were a busy affair so we had to sit on the floor… but you could take your crocheting with you…

These were a few of my favourite things…

BeFunky Collage bml4

BeFunky Collage bml3

With special thanks to:

Lady Sew and Sew

Make it Coats

Joules (especially for that salted caramel ice cream by Judes)

Merci Maman 

I spoke to so many people at Brit Mums that they all deserve a mention – but the above really were my favourite bits… except for meeting this lot below that is…

Who I met there…

BeFunky Collage bml1


Top left to bottom right: Maria, Lisa, Jenna, Karen, Kat, Lucy

Main: Caro

BeFunky Collage bml2

Along the top from left to right: Steph, Amy and Jess…

Those in the bigger picture that I missed out on a selfie with: Kate, Bonita, Sarah, Heledd and Katie

I met so many wonderfully inspiring people over the weekend, I could list them forever and ever. I found all of you so interesting and it was a real pleasure to meet you!

So… Tips for next year?

No questions asked, I’ll be attending Brit Mums Live in 2016. But what will I do differently…?

  • I won’t worry about dressing up on the Saturday. It turns out at Brit Mums, Fridays are dressed up day, Saturdays are dressed down day. Perfect.
  • I’ll take Mr Vista and Little Miss Vista with me. I missed them so much. Little Miss Vista will be two and a half by then. Perfect opportunity for a trip to a few museums with Daddy whilst Mummy does Brit Mums…
  • I’ll think about sponsorship a little harder – It was an amazing experience… but it was a little on the expensive side all in all.
  • Thinking back, I should have thought a little more about what talks I wanted to go to and tweeted a few questions beforehand.
  • My plan for next year is to just relax a little more. I didn’t meet some of the people I would have loved to because I was a little too nervous to go say hi. I’m kicking myself now.

What I did right:

  • Took a note book, pen and a BIG handbag
  • Wore comfy shoes
  • Had a plan to meet people
  • Stayed locally to the venture
  • Took tissues to the key-note speeches…

Did you go to Brit Mums live this year? Will I see you where next year?

Thanks so much for reading: Kick Ass Craft, Caprice and CAKE!




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