10 utterly useless facts about ME

I love getting to know more about the people behind the blogs that I read so when I recently read a post on one of my favourite blogs and enjoyed it soooooo much, I asked for permission to pinch it… She said YES! Thanks Kat! Just in case you wanted to get to know meRead more

How to feed a family on a budget: Part Two

So… remember this face? *Sourced from google* Yesterday I set myself a challenge to make a meal plan for a family of one adult and two children. The meal plan was to be nutritious, cheap and easy. I looked at Christina Briggs’ goodies cupboard and worked out that her bill for all of *that* junkRead more

Finding THE ONE – How to find the hairdresser that is right for you

I won’t lie to you… I’ve had some pretty terrible hair cuts.   There was the time when I cut my own hair under the dinging room table with paper scissors (I was four)… the time when my fringe was half way up my forehead… the time my hair was stripy… the time my hairRead more

My kitchen and I are waiting for pay day… Scotch Scallops just like mama used to make!

One of the things I remember most about being a child is being happy. I’m the small scraggly haired one with the questionable doll…. All three of us (my two older brothers and I) were immensely loved – even if our parents did dress us in some questionable knitwear – we never went hungry, ourRead more

How to make weaning up as you go along SUCCESSFULLY!

I consider my eight month old daughter to be successfully weaned. She will eat anything that you put in front of her, be it puréed, textured, lumpy or finger food. She is gaining weight steadily and he bowels are consistent (sorry #TMI). So I thought I would share our journey, and how we made theRead more