My Captured Moment: My Happy Place

I always thought that people who went on holiday whilst off work sick were swinging the lead. But now that I have actually been off sick (I went back to work on Friday) I can see why it is a good thing and why anyone that is able should do it.

Gallbladder Removal – Pre-Op Anxiety

Two weeks ago I went into hospital to have a procedure that I have been waiting for since November 2015. I started this series by telling you all about my journey to a diagnosis.  After I was diagnosed as having gallstones, I was relieved that there was treatment available but frustrated that the treatment wasn’tRead more

Something that should be shared…

I read this blog post by Thinly Spread and it moved me so much that I needed to share. I know how well looked after I was during my pregnancy and how well looked after both of us were after my baby arrived. Even after we were discharged the fantastic care didn’t end… I wishRead more