Girl Off Grid…

Ok, ok. So not exactly ‘off grid’ as defined by the Oxford English but these past few months I’ve blogged less and less. Until last month… when I didn’t publish a blog post at all.

I haven’t fallen out with blogging or social media in any way. I still get instagram related thumb cramp like the best of them. I’ve just been taking some time back for me and chilling out. Since falling pregnant this time around I can totally appreciate the ‘constantly exhausted pigeon’ meme doing the rounds on Facebook. Read more

Looks Like Halloween, Smells Like Christmas with Inntravel

Many moons ago I used to work in travel. I spent five and a half years selling holidays to the general public and dreaming about the trips I wanted to take. Things like this Secret Treasures of the Caribbean trip with Inntravel.

In a nut shell it’s 10 days of walking sections of the Caribbean’s long-distance walking trail, hiking, snorkelling and sampling indigenous Kalinago culture. Read more

A Little Bit Lately…

June passed me by very, very quickly… how about you?

We were on holiday at the beginning of the month and it just seems to be a life time ago…

A Little Bit Lately... a blog post written by katie haydock for life on vista street

A Little Bit Lately... a blog post written by katie haydock for life on vista street Read more

UK Holidays: What Little Miss is Wearing

Yesterday I was telling you about what I plan to wear whilst we’re on out Family UK holiday.

I’m all packed now but I’m still gathering bits and pieces together for the little one… I’ve been trying to pack her bag for a few days already.

Now that she is bigger I never know how many sets of clothes to take for each day. We are guilty of leaving her to be a little bit mucky rather than change her top every time she spills (bibs are now pointless). Little Miss Vista is also notorious for not being a good traveller.

Fingers crossed for a puke free journey – but on long distances we do tend to leave her in as few clothes as possible.

I’m figuring at lestΒ one pair of leggings and one t shirt for each day we will be away from home, as well as the following items: Read more

A Song for October

It seems like it was just yesterday I was sitting down to write my round up of September.

Click below if you want some listening material whilst you read: A Song for October

yt my you tube vlog channel

Turns out it’s been a whole month. Read more