7 and a half Things That Scare Me About Giving Birth A Second Time

When I fell pregnant for the first time, I went to yoga classes religiously throughout my second trimester. My morning sickness had subsided and I had more energy. Then when I got to the third trimester, driving the 15 miles in rush hour traffic got too much and I gave up. Read more

The SEVEN Best Ingredients To Make Soup

There are MANY things that I love about our new home, but the way we have adapted to sitting around the table to eat our evening meals is by far one of my favourites.

In our old house we had a separate dining room with a plush, six seater John Lewis dining set. We barely used it, and instead opted for walking through the dining room and eating our food from a tray on our lap in front of the television.

This was bad habit that I didn’t like and decided that needed to change when we moved. A change that has been for the best for all of us… well most of the time.

You see – there is a problem with everyone sitting around the table at a set time to eat our meal together. There needs to be a MEAL ON THE TABLE. Read more