My kitchen and I are waiting for Pay Day…

Well ladies and gentlemen, that week is upon us again… yes, its interesting meal week! … an accurate visual of what my kitchen looks like from time to time… That week of the month when you try your hardest to make the staples of the pay day-big shop into the ingredients of a `normal` familyRead more

My Kitchen and I Are Waiting for Day day… Beef and Mushroom

Guilty! We usually get at least one take away per week. It used to be every blue moon until the wee one arrived, but now its just easier. No brainpower or cooking required, and minimal dishes. This weekend (and quite possibly every other weekend until November), we can’t afford a take away. So I amRead more

A Fresh Food start!

Just recently, I’ve found a few blogs that I absolutely LOVE to follow that I never even knew existed before. Two of those bloggers have written pieces on cooking for a family on a budget and have highlighted how much we really do waste food. Both Frugal Queen and Blethering Boys  have written several posts toRead more

Delicious Food in a Jiffy!

Being a new mum, I don’t have the time eat, let alone stand a cook a meal for four people. At the moment I favour anything that I can pop into the oven or slow cooker and forget about, or bung in the microwave for a few minutes and tip onto a (preferably large) plate.Yesterday IRead more