Not so secret Santa… #SundayStars

To Katie…. This is a sight that excites me.  Lots.  Lots and lots!  I am not ashamed to admit that I love gifts. I love the sound of paper being torn away and the giggles and gasps that can be heard when the surprise is revealed!  I love gifts the most… when they’re mine! (again,Read more

My Kitchen and I are waiting for pay day… Christmas Citrus Shortbread #TastyTuesday

Shortbread is one of my most favourite treats to eat. Never shop bought… its too hard and flavourless. Not to mention expensive! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… I love my shortbread home made, preferably still warm and with a mug of tasty tea or coffee…. or if I’m pushing the boat outRead more

Taking a Tumble… #MySundayPhoto

Today a really good bloggy friend of mine and I drove the 160 mile round trip to the Lake District to spend a bright and crisp November afternoon with a pack of really sweet husky dogs. Everything was going so well until… There is always one… and it’s always me for some reason?! More onRead more

Six Tips for The Ideal Home Show Live

Back in June my husband and I went to the first ever Manchester Ideal Homes Show, you can read all about this here. It was a learning curve and I thought it only fitting to share the wisdom just in time for the Christmas Ideal Homes Show. Here are my six top tips for anyoneRead more