The SEVEN Best Ingredients To Make Soup

There are MANY things that I love about our new home, but the way we have adapted to sitting around the table to eat our evening meals is by far one of my favourites. In our old house we had a separate dining room with a plush, six seater John Lewis dining set. We barelyRead more

Peas and Thank You

As a child there were many vegetables that I detested, but the thing I loathed the most? Peas. Mum would serve up tinned marrow-fat peas with every meal. She knew I didn’t like them… so she would HIDE them under other food items. To this day I am always suspicious of what may lurk beneathRead more

My kitchen and I are waiting for pay day… Posh, Skinny Corned-Beef-Hash

Yes ladies and gents – we are once again waiting for pay day! It’s time to play that game… “Let’s see what we can cook without having to shop!” A few weeks ago, I shared with you a recipe that my mum used to make all the time when we were small. One thing thatRead more