Geronimo: Our Best Bits

You might remember I’ve mentioned in most of my blog posts over the past few weeks (here and here especially) and over social media that we went to Geronimo festival during the bank holiday. To be perfectly, perfectly honest: WE LOVED IT!

Top 5 First Time Mum Advice

Before I became a Mum and whilst I was pregnant, lots of other Mums shared their pearls of wisdom with me. There were loads of things that I was warned about that I didn’t take seriously… I just thought ‘How bad can it be?’. There are so many pearls of wisdom that I ignored overlooked,Read more

Our Breastfeeding Story – Part 2

I started to tell Our Breastfeeding Story… and then life happened and before I know it we are three weeks on. I ended the last post telling you how we were faced with our brand new tiny little miss having to be taken to special care baby unit if she didn’t buck up and startRead more

Our Breastfeeding Story – The beginning…

I have decided to call this blog post ‘Our Breastfeeding Story’, because it isn’t just my story to tell. It is between me, my daughter, my incredibly supportive husband, and almost every single midwife and ‘Bosom Buddy’ that worked on the maternity ward at the hospital that I gave birth at… Get a brew andRead more

The Beginning… My Pregnancy

Up until quite recently I was a grumpy, heavily pregnant individual. Steve the cat could not resist my bump!