Blogger Advent: Door #10

Welcome to day number 10 of blogger advent. 10! TEN! Where is this month going? ‘The big day’ is only just over two weeks away…

Deeply Flippy ‘Bout The Cup Ya Got… OXO Flippy Snack Cup Review…

I’d be the first to admit (only because Mr Vista would rat me out if I said any different) we have far too many Little Miss Vista related gadgets lying around the house. Some of these gadgets have been used once and are now sat somewhere gathering dust because they were rubbish. Others are batteredRead more

If You Go Down To The Woods Today… Kiddylicious Mini Hamper Comp

As a first time parent, there are very few things that I feel like I have gotten right first time… or feel that I have gotten through on more than just a wing and prayer. That said, one of the things that Mr Vista and I have managed to get absolutely right (with the helpRead more

Weaning – The Textures Game

After spending time reading up on weaning babies and just generally making it up as I went along, it would appear that I have done a pretty good job. I have a weaned baby! Little Miss will give almost anything you put in front of her a go – regardless of the fact that she onlyRead more

We’ve been in Ella’s Kitchen again…

Mr Vista and I are very lucky to have been blessed with a little girl that has weaned wonderfully. We are yet to find anything that she flat out refuses to eat.    In part, I think that this could be from all of the home cooking that I have given her from the wordRead more