Girl Off Grid…

Ok, ok. So not exactly ‘off grid’ as defined by the Oxford English but these past few months I’ve blogged less and less. Until last month… when I didn’t publish a blog post at all.

I haven’t fallen out with blogging or social media in any way. I still get instagram related thumb cramp like the best of them. I’ve just been taking some time back for me and chilling out. Since falling pregnant this time around I can totally appreciate the ‘constantly exhausted pigeon’ meme doing the rounds on Facebook. Read more

Goals For June

I know I say this every single month – but seriously dude, where did that month go??

I feel like there are not enough hours in the day at the best of times but May was a particularly busy month here on Vista Street… and June is set to be even busier.

Last month I set myself a few goals that I was hoping to have at least semi-achieved by the time I turned the page on my calendar again… Read more

UK Holidays: What Little Miss is Wearing

Yesterday I was telling you about what I plan to wear whilst we’re on out Family UK holiday.

I’m all packed now but I’m still gathering bits and pieces together for the little one… I’ve been trying to pack her bag for a few days already.

Now that she is bigger I never know how many sets of clothes to take for each day. We are guilty of leaving her to be a little bit mucky rather than change her top every time she spills (bibs are now pointless). Little Miss Vista is also notorious for not being a good traveller.

Fingers crossed for a puke free journey – but on long distances we do tend to leave her in as few clothes as possible.

I’m figuring at lestΒ one pair of leggings and one t shirt for each day we will be away from home, as well as the following items: Read more

My Captured Moment: BUMP

There is only one thing I love more than a pregnancy announcement… and that is lovely, warm, pink, squidgy, new baby cuddles.

A few of my friends are expecting or have just had babies (the host of this link-up included), and a few more that I know of are trying!

And although Mr Vista and I would love nothing more than a little brother or sister for Little Miss Vista, we’re not 100% there yet for a few reasons. Money being the main big one: We would need a bigger house, a bigger car and it would mean that we’d be missing a whole years worth of wages from me when we’ve just recovered from maternity leave the first time around.

But it seems to me that everywhere I look it’s bumps galore and scan pictures a-plenty – no complaints from me. Here’s hoping that all of 2016’s blog babies are healthy and happy.

I haven’t joined in with Heledd’s My Captured Moment for a little while. Mainly because I’ve been busy with work and and trying to sort out my work/life balance… I will publish that meal plan that I’ve been working on for a while. I promise!

Anyway with all of these little blog babies making their way I had a trawl through the photos on my laptop. All the way back to 2013 when I was baking the one and only Little Miss Vista – for a bit of a reminisce… Here is what I found…

My Captured Moment: BUMP Little Miss Vista Bump Collage pregnancy during 2013 by life on vista street katie haydock selfies

I think it’s safe to say my selfie abilities have improved in the past two and a bit years… but look at that BUMP!

I remember being shocked at how early my bump sprouted and how big it (she!!) got so quickly due to the gestational diabetes.

Once that was under control, the bump maintained and just got lower… I can still remember how excited I was and how much I loved the smell of Fairy non-bio!

Do you still have your bump selfies?

Thanks for reading: My Captured Moment: BUMP



Running in Lavender

How To Make A Victoria Sponge

It’s very nearly that time of year for me where I get to go insane in the kitchen and do loads of baking and food crafts, fill the kitchen full of treats and lovely sweet smells… and then give it all away!

cake1 Collage

I finish work for nearly two full weeks on Wednesday next week (the eve of Christmas eve) and I cannot wait to get creatin’.

I love to bake, and although I’m getting pretty good at it by now (I’ve been getting plenty of practice) sometimes even the most basic of things baffle me… I’m trying to find a way to make most of my recipes gluten free for Mr Vista but I need to perfect the simpler version first. Read more