RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review

I usually spend my Thursday nights as a golf widow – but don’t pity me. I revel in it. I spend a few hours after Little Miss has gone to bed in front of the TV watching whatever I like, usually with food items that are *not* Slimming World friendly drifting in and out ofRead more

Vlog Club: My TOP FIVE Beauty Products

You know it’s a wild weekend when you agree – with a group of close lovely, bloggy friends – to take part in a monthly video blog (VLOG) link up featuring five of our favourite things. One of the things I love most about my blogger friends, their loving nature aside, is the fact thatRead more

From HAGGARD to HOT… in 13 Easy Steps

Are you a busy mum? Do you sleep enough? Do you feel look haggard? Yup – me too… What with working, blogging, having a little person to provide for and keep alive, a home to keep in order and a husband to have a conversation with occasionally… I’m pretty worn out. Add to that theRead more

Finding THE ONE – How to find the hairdresser that is right for you

I won’t lie to you… I’ve had some pretty terrible hair cuts.   There was the time when I cut my own hair under the dinging room table with paper scissors (I was four)… the time when my fringe was half way up my forehead… the time my hair was stripy… the time my hairRead more

Mummy’s Night Off… These are a few of my favourite things!

I am a lucky girl, and I know it! Every Friday night without fail is my NIGHT OFF! I get a full night off every week all to myself. To do with whatever I wish. No bedtime routines, no night feeds, no early starts the following morning… I just get to remember who Katie isRead more