26 Things Every Pregnant Gal Needs to Hear

At 39 weeks pregnant I am now the most pregnant that I have *ever* been. By this point in my pregnancy with Little Miss Vista I had already given birth, fallen in love and returned home from the hospital after a four night stay.

What’s in the Degustabox August 2015

August was  a pretty crazy month on Vista Street. It seemed to swing by in a heartbeat and before we knew it… it’s September! But the end of the month marks two prominent occasions. Pay day. Degustabox day! So, armed with my trusty munchkin helper once more we unpacked our goodies… 

Baldy Baby Appreciation Society…

Little Miss Vista will be eighteen months old on her Grand-pop’s 65th Birthday later this month.   That is just six months away from being two.   TWO!   My cheeky little walking, talking dream come true now points to the pictures on the wall when I ask one simple question…   The question IRead more

Blog #3

Tonight, I was supposed to be going on a Bowling Bonanza night out with the girls from work. We catch up usually about once a month now that I am maternity leave. However, tonight, I couldn’t play out. I very stupidly went over a parking time limit on a recent shopping trip by 20 minutes,Read more