Home Made Nappy Cake… Made with LOVE.

When we had Little Miss Vista christened on a gorgeously crisp day back in February, we received so many gifts for her we were bowled over.

It wasn’t a big expensive affair, just a church service and an intimate afternoon tea in the Parish Centre, but it was by far one of the best days in our life (but that’s another blog).
Amongst the gifts we received were lots and lots of home-made-with-love-gifts, but one gift in particular stood out from the rest.

A Bambi and Thumper themed pink nappy cake!

Home Made Nappy Cake... Made with LOVE. Written by katie haydock for life in vista street.
Pink bow and ribbon.

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Please Stop Growing

So, this is a blog than I planned and started to write so long ago that it is outdated by a whole new set of clothes. As I prepare to sort through my daughters wardrobe once more, I mull over the memory of doing it for the first time, just a few short weeks ago…

Today I was happy sad.

I am so, so happy that my lovely, beautiful, funny little princess is growing so healthily into an even cheekier monkey than she already is… but I am so, so sad that my lovely, beautiful, funny little princess is growing so healthily into an even cheekier monkey than she already is…

Does this make sense to the other mums and dads out there?????

I packed up all of little miss’s newborn and 0-3 month sized clothes. Granted, she is four months old so I got an extra month of dinkiness… but I want more.

But I packed 16 weeks of happiness, sweat puke and tears into 16 little blue bags, clearly marked into gender and size ‘for the next one’, and I literally had a lump in my throat. I narrowly avoided a full on sob!

So, why so happy sad?? I’ll tell you…

Carnage on the bedroom floor…
Mothercare Forest Friends leggings and peter pan collar t shirt.

I think that packing up this little mix and match outfit of peter pan collar top and leggings made me saddest of all. They are size ‘tiny baby’. They were a gift from my sister in law as little miss was soooo tiny at birth, that all of her clothes were too big. It was one of my favourite things to put her in. Even when she was too big for the leggings and the sleeves on the top were up to her elbow, I would fasten cardigans up to the top just for the collar effect.

Little miss looks amazing in bright colours and floral print.

Now little miss doesn’t wear collars… because they get so wet with drool it isn’t worth it. Sad that her clothes are now more basic, less ‘girly’ and she wears a dribble bib with EVERYTHING, but so excited to see her get her first peggy tooth! God knows my poor little cherub has work hard for it when it finally puts in an appearance.

I am nothing if not organised.
16 weeks….
…. into 16 bags….

Plus a bag for the breast pump, the tiny 5 oz bottles, the slow flow teats… the list was endless. There is an actual bin big in the loft full of empty cardboard boxes to re-house items such as the bumbo, the bumbo tray, the ELC tunnel (god send) {inset more baby items to store after being used for a few weeks here}.

Little and large (but still pretty little really).

The pink babygrow is one of the many babygrows that I loved to dress little miss in during her first few weeks of life. I love spots and pink and she just rocked them! Now she wears her Elmo PJ’s (amongst others obviously) to bed… will you look at the ruddy size difference??? In just four months!!!So that’s why I am so happy sad. Grateful that my little girl is thriving and an absolute joy, but sad that my little tiny baby is now sitting before me blowing raspberries, no longer a newborn.I know that I will continue to be happy sad all the way through little miss’s life, but as long as she continues to be a healthy, happy little girl, I can live with it.She makes me proud every day.

Now someone hand the tissues….

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Love Mummy x


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I’ve Had My Loot Pilfered By An eBay Pirate!

My patience AND gold coins have been seized by one particular eBay pirate!

As a newbie thriftier, influence by my good pal Donna of Polkadot Pink I have taken to eBay to find a few BNWT (that’s brand new with tags to you and me) bargains.

I thought I had dropped on with this lovely brand new knee length NEXT dress. Strapless with structure and plenty of colour detailing. I has visions of rocking this dress with a cropped sleeve denim jacket (yet to be purchased) with gold sandals and reams of fine gold necklaces.

I paid £1.96 for the dress and £2.25 p&p. Less than a fiver for a NEXT dress with the tags still attached. I was pretty pleased with myself for finding the item and even more pleased at getting it under my £5 dress rule! I felt like I had found a hidden treasure.

*Sigh* Alas, it was not meant to be.

When the dress arrived, I tried it on. It was a little big, but nothing that couldn’t be easily altered with a few tacks under the arms. And then came the words from my husband that started this entire debacle ‘What’s that at the front?’. Tut!

The seams at both of the darts to the front of the dress were frayed. It looked as though it has been damaged by being tried on by someone who was too big for it. Damn. And so I sent the seller a message just to say the item was damaged, I was happy to send photographic evidence, but I would like a full refund.

I should point out that the fabric of the dress would be impossible to mend as it would just keep fraying due to the satin nature of it.

The seller was immediately very defensive about the whole situation and said that they would ‘have to check with the person that had sent the item’. I knew at this point, this was going to be a tale of ‘he said, she said’ and that I would never see my full £4.21 ever again.

My plan was to be as obnoxious about the situation as the seller was, get a full refund and send the item back. (This was before I was aware that if I needed to send the item back it would be at my own expense).

After 10 days and still no refund, I opened a resolution case against the seller. I wanted the whole situation over with, and my pennies back to buy a new pretty dress with. To my surprise shock HORROR I received an email back accusing ME of damaging the dress on purpose so that I could keep the dress and have a refund!

I saw red me’hearty!

  1. What would be point in me damaging the item so that I cannot wear it to get a refund?
  2. I am NOT dishonest in any way.
  3. Please note my smug person 100% positive feedback score of 348.

My patience has been pilfered enough by this plundering pirate and I refuse to walk the plank!

I hope to receive a full refund plus the cost of posting the item back to the seller to prove a point. Its this type of seller that spoils wonderful ideas like eBay for the rest of us.

Have you ever been through the same situation?

What is your best eBay bargain?

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And then the fun began...

My Kitchen and I Are Waiting for Pay Day: My Kitchen in Packets

Any great baker (and by this I mean my grandmother) would tell you that it is a waste of time and money buying baking and cooking products in packets.

I am here to tell you as an avid lover of baking, busy wife and mummy that there is absolutely no shame in buying things in packets.

Up until recently (when I didn’t have a tiny bossy person making all kinds of demands) I would have been one of the above packet snobs, but now, after actually buying and using packet goods I find then both time and cost effective.

I tend to do most of my shopping at Tesco, Sainsburys and Aldi. I shop around quite a bit now that I have the opportunity to get out with Little Miss in the pram and go for a mooch. Exercise for me, fresh air and a nap (well, sometimes) for little miss.

Yorkshire Pudding Batter (also pancake mix): 15 p in both Sainsburys and Tesco

Now, I know that Yorkshire puddings are made out of flour, eggs and milk. No rocket science required. But all you need to do to this mix is beat in an egg and a dash of cold water. Done. 15 p is a small price to pay to not have to mess about getting the kitchen scales out to weigh the flour and then wash the tray.

This tiny little budget item is also, I feel, so underrated, add in sausages and bake to make toad in the hole. A cheap and cheerful family meal with minimal effort.

Sponge Cake mix: 22 p in both Sainsburys and Tesco

22 p to make 12 fairy cakes (provided you already have the cases). Enough said I think. Again, add one egg and some water. No messing about creaming sugar and butter and adding flour in just the right amount and not having to worry about knocking the air out of the mix.

Great value and easy, because lets face it, all the kids want to do is lick the spoon. And one other point, washing at the end = one bowl, one spoon and one baking tray.


Crumble Mix: 40 p in Sainsburys (22 p in Aldi if you are going that way)

I think 40 p is a small price to pay to not have to get your hands dirty rubbing sugar, flour and butter together. If there is one I thing I hate most in this world, its having things stuck under my nails!

Instant Custard: 15 p for a packet in most supermarkets

I make crumble surprises consisting of whatever fruit needs to be eaten on that day. Apple, peach, plum, banana, strawberry, raspberry. The list is endless.

I always serve with custard. Out. Of. The. Packet. The only reason I would make custard from scratch is if I were a contestant on come dine with me, and even then it would be an effort.

You needn’t be worried about the sugar content here either, as instant custards comes in sugar free too!

Dumplings Mix: 44 p in Tesco

Just add water and mix. Depending on how you make your dumplings, the packet can save you a considerable amount of money and CALORIES!

I usually grate butter into flour and water with the herb of my choice. Given that a block of decent butter sets you back about £1.50 these days, using just half the block would be dearer than buying the packet.

Just spoon into your stew/ casserole/ day before pay day concoction and enjoy.

Worth noting: One packet of dumpling mix makes six good size dumplings or as many as twenty mini ones for party food! Just a thought…

Scone Mix: 70 p in Tesco

Scones are one of my most favourite things in the world!! They take me back to shopping with my Mum as a child and going to the Country Larder in our local town for a fruit scone and a glass of milk. These are some of my favourite childhood memories.

To be able to just literally, stir in milk, I feel is the bees knees. The packet option isn’t necessarily cheaper than making the scone batter yourself, but its so easy.

I would agree with the packet mix snobs here, that the real deal home made scone is much tastier, but 70 p for six freshly baked, warm from the oven in the comfort of your own home, scones is a bargain! Plus you get the option of adding what every you like. My weapon of choice is chocolate chips with clotted cream to serve!

My Verdict:-

An argument is that a lot of people just don’t eat processed foods these days. Processed, yes. Full of additives, no. I was surprised to see how little ingredients there were on the back of each these packets. Its nice to see that we, as a consumer, are paying for the ‘convenience’ rather than a money making scheme for lower quality products.

I know that some people would say that the packet options are just not as tasty as the DIY choice, and I am not disagreeing. However, for a working Mum who comes home from work and would rather spend time with her significant other and children, around the table eating and chatting, rather than cooking, I think packet mixes are invaluable and a family can do with a little less flavour on the plate if the home environment is safe, loving and secure.

What do you think? What packets do you buy if any?

**This is not a sponsored post**

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How to: Beat the Baby Bath Time Blues

baby bath time blues

Up until quite recently we had LOTS of baby bath time blues.

We didn’t give Little Miss Vista her first bath until she was nearly two weeks old. As any mother of a newborn would know, she just didn’t get that dirty…

We then started to bath Little Miss in her own room, in her baby bath. To say she hated it would be the understatement of the century.

We tried bathing her in the mornings, evenings, the middle of the day, with toys, without toys, with bubbles, without bubbles. Nothing seemed to make our little girl enjoy bath time. We were so disappointed as this one of the things that as new parents, we were looking forward to most.

Then one day, something occurred to me when a friend made an observation. Little Miss’s hands are ALWAYS cold (unless she is swaddled), always have been since she was born. I have spoken to the health visitor about it, and it is completely normal for a baby’s extremities to be cold.

I suddenly realised that Little Miss hated bath time because she was COLD.

We had been using a baby bath thermometer to gauge the bath water temperature, but clearly, little miss was feeling the cold more than the average baby.

As an experiment, one day I drew my own bath a little colder than I would normally have it and gauged the bath temperature by my own body temperature. Little Miss came into the water with me.


In fact she LOVED it!

We now give little miss a warmer than average bath, in the big bath with a foam baby seat, with a few bubbles and duckies.

What bath time problems have you faced? How did you overcome them?

What bath time essentials cant you do without?

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