How to: Beat the Baby Bath Time Blues

baby bath time blues

Up until quite recently we had LOTS of baby bath time blues.

We didn’t give Little Miss Vista her first bath until she was nearly two weeks old. As any mother of a newborn would know, she just didn’t get that dirty…

We then started to bath Little Miss in her own room, in her baby bath. To say she hated it would be the understatement of the century.

We tried bathing her in the mornings, evenings, the middle of the day, with toys, without toys, with bubbles, without bubbles. Nothing seemed to make our little girl enjoy bath time. We were so disappointed as this one of the things that as new parents, we were looking forward to most.

Then one day, something occurred to me when a friend made an observation. Little Miss’s hands are ALWAYS cold (unless she is swaddled), always have been since she was born. I have spoken to the health visitor about it, and it is completely normal for a baby’s extremities to be cold.

I suddenly realised that Little Miss hated bath time because she was COLD.

We had been using a baby bath thermometer to gauge the bath water temperature, but clearly, little miss was feeling the cold more than the average baby.

As an experiment, one day I drew my own bath a little colder than I would normally have it and gauged the bath temperature by my own body temperature. Little Miss came into the water with me.


In fact she LOVED it!

We now give little miss a warmer than average bath, in the big bath with a foam baby seat, with a few bubbles and duckies.

What bath time problems have you faced? How did you overcome them?

What bath time essentials cant you do without?

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Delicious Food in a Jiffy!

Being a new mum, I don’t have the time eat, let alone stand a cook a meal for four people. At the moment I favour anything that I can pop into the oven or slow cooker and forget about, or bung in the microwave for a few minutes and tip onto a (preferably large) plate.Yesterday I had the pleasure of a lovely family tea party (hence the cooking for four people)… with a twist. I used microwavable food from ilumi.

ilumi are an on line allergen-free food specialist. They cater for meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike and I was lucky enough to receive some of their products  in the post.

First off, I was impressed with the packaging and potion sizes. The pastel colours of the packaging would brighten the insides of anyone’s kitchen tins cupboard and considering the packets state ‘Serves 1’, I thought it was a good, healthy main meal sized portion.

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Up until quite recently I was a grumpy, heavily pregnant individual.

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Steve the cat could not resist my bump!

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