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“Katie Haydock is a happily married working mum of one on a budget with a penchant for trying new things, happiness and fabulous shoes.”

Proud to have been featured on the Liverpool Echo website and to have guest posted on some fabulous UK blogs:

Mini Travellers
Mumma Scribbles
You Baby Me Mummy

meet katie haydock, author of uk blog Life on Vista Street

Amongst my favourite things are: spending time with my family, gin, being in the kitchen, chocolate, a nice quality bottle of red wine, chocolate and a good old chin wag… and chocolate. Did I say gin?

I found the world of blogging back in 2012, but was only brave enough to actually start publishing my own words in May of 2014 when my daughter was six months old.

lifeon vista street little miss vista six months old profile picture - about me
This was then…
photo by katie haydock of life on vista street
… and this is now. My Little Miss Baker.

I turned to social media for solace after struggling to make ‘mum friends’ when my daughter was born and, well, I was just feeling a little bit lonely. I discovered I wasn’t alone when I wrote a post about it. Who knew there were so many like minded people on-line?

What You Can Expect at Life On Vista Street…

daddies BeFunky Collage - getting to know life on vista street family

Tales of me wading through the culture shock that is first time motherhood.

Aspects of day to day life as a family of three and my thoughts on being a working Mum. Budgeting, recipes, creating, living for loss and person style on a shoestring and honest reviews… but to name a few.

Boasting Rights…

I am married to the same person that I have been with for 14 years and we have a daughter together. I spent a long time working in travel and tourism and loved it but was unfortunately made redundant. Now working in a different industry but climbing the ladder to world domination steadily.

I do miss my jet setting days and hope to travel as a family once I feel Little Miss Vista is big enough, but for now we’re saving for Barbie’s Dream House – with a pantry and downstairs loo to boot.

We manage to run our comfortable family home on ‘what we have’ rather than wishing we had more, and it works for us. I share recipes that I have created out of using as little money and ingredients as possible, and sometimes I share things that I have found online that I think are wonderful – always citing their origins of course.

If you are looking to feed a family on a budget, check out my ‘My Kitchen and I Are Waiting for Pay Day’ posts.

If you want to read more about me, my family and our Life on Vista Street, try these two posts as a starter for ten: Here and here.

So… Who lives on Vista Street?



5ft 2.5 inches. Weighing in at (what feels like) a zillion pounds. Not too sure what her natural hair colouring is any more. Blue eyes. Likes to give the illusion of being outdoorsy and adventurous but in reality likes nothing better than a brew and a good weepy on the telly. Enthusiastic about biscuits and baking. Occasional lunatic. Addicted to shoes of any calibre and bread.

Mr Vista…


5ft 8. Likes to think that he’s Svelte. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Usually found playing with something digital, technical or camera shaped. Top notch cuddler. Good egg. Loves to eat… luckily.

Little Miss Vista…


Approximately 2ft. Twenty five pounds – ish. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The boss (let us not pretend). Loves cuddles, the cat and will do almost anything for a piece of cheese.  Uber Daddies girl.



Cat shaped. Have no idea how tall he is. Black hair. Green eyes. Has no concept of personal space and occasionally brings small, furry, live gifts for dinner. Nom…

Please don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by, they really do make me very happy! If you would like to get to know me more or get in touch, you can find me in many places…

Twitter, instagram, pinterest, Facebook and YouTube.

Ten most used tags linked to the ten most read posts on Life on Vista Street:

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And here here are some of my favourite posts…

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That Time I Was Sick In The Sink…

The Truth About Bravery… And Baking.

How to Feed a Family on a Budget: Parts One and Two.

How can we work together? 

  •  Product reviews
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Guest posts
  • Collaborations

The reviews featured within Life on Vista Street are always honest and disclosed.

Thanks so much for reading About Me



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