The Best Hotels For Manchester Christmas Markets

I took my mum for her first visit to the Manchester Christmas Markets at the beginning of November – just in time for the very first weekend. For those in the same boat wondering where on earth to stay lastΒ minute, I give you: The Best Hotels For Manchester Christmas Markets …

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Mums Day Out at Manchester Christmas Markets

2016, eh?

What. A. Year.

Shock celebrity deaths, Brexit and President Trump to name but a few events… but one of the most significant to me? My family moving into a lovely and very happily welcomed new home. But this happy event was over shadowed by a close family member under going treatment for cancer.

The good news is that he is well on the mend. The bad news is that I feel like it may take a little while longer for the emotional scars to heal in our immediate family. But this is something we can work on together – safe in the knowledge that we are all together.

2016 also marked the year that my Mum turned 60.

We celebrated the day with cherry scones and pink lemonade at Bents, but this was about as far as the celebrations went. Not just the logistics of working around a sick family member, a toddler and a house move… but it just seemed as though none of us were in the party spirit. Read more


It’s always nice to have a special link to the important moments in life. Like the lyrics to a song reminding you of a date, or the way the weather turns cold and reminds you a lingering feeling…

Well… if you follow me on social media you may have noticed that my Mr and I recently celebrated our TENTH wedding anniversary. You could also have spotted that we were *rather* dressed up for the occasion.

Me and this dude. Been married for a decade!! Wouldn’t live my life any other way 😍😘

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What’s Up Gok?

I’m giving my age away here a little bit, but I was an impressionable, self conscious early twenty something in the era of a very special man.

A man that all men wanted to be (ish) and that all women wanted to dress them.

The TV show ‘How To Look Good Naked’ saw me through some pretty rough body shaming times, and circa 2006 gave me something to look forward to watching at night. Read more

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review

I usually spend my Thursday nights as a golf widow – but don’t pity me. I revel in it. I spend a few hours after Little Miss has gone to bed in front of the TV watching whatever I like, usually with food items that are *not* Slimming World friendly drifting in and out of social media.


But Thursday last week? Well… This Cinderella was given the night off to hot foot it down to Manchester Town (thats a thing right?!) and meet my RLBFF Polkadot Pink for a grown up coffee at Pot Kettle Black before we ventured just down the road to RUSH Hair and Beauty for an evening of treats.

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

Greeted by the lovely ladies from Tank PR, I felt like a princess from the start. Everything was so clean and sleek and brand new… And they had air conditioning (always a massive plus for me in a hairdressers).

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

So with fizz in hand (well, opening a new Northern Flagship is a MASSIVE celebration, non?) I went to investigate further. I sat down with a stylist (and some canapes) to ask what really makes a good haircut? Read more