The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Braun Series 3 Review

It’s that time of year again… Father’s Day. I like the idea behind both Mother’s and Father’s day – it’s nice to appreciate those that we love – but I’m always stuck as to what to buy for gifts… Do I go all out and spend a fortune? Or do I just buy a thoughtfulRead more

Faith, Hope, Luck, Love: My Captured Moment

I wasn’t going to blog today. To be totally honest with you I haven’t got the energy. Physically or mentally. Things are a bit tough at the moment. Nothing life threatening. Nothing earth shattering. All small things that can be mended or forgotten with time. But you know that scene from ‘Bruce Almighty’ when heRead more

Paint, Glitter and Quality Time: My Captured Moment #toddlerapprovedTuesday

WARNING –  **Daddy – This post contains spoilers** We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks. We’ve been to Geronimo, on holiday, had a car breakdown and bought a new car (new to us, not new new) and numerous play dates. This week I got to have an extra day off work with my LittleRead more

What the Bunny Brought…

During my pregnancy with Little Miss Vista, I developed gestational diabetes. My pregnancy progressed well and without problems as I kept to a strict diet, however, we have been warned that both Little Miss and I would be more susceptible to type two diabetes.   So when Easter is on it’s way, I do worryRead more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Worn Out Mum…

It dawned on me yesterday that Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away… HOW?! It doesn’t seem like five minutes since Mr Vista Presented me with my beautiful personalised vase on behalf of the then four month old Little Miss Vista.  It was the most thoughtful gift and I will love it forever… butRead more