It’s Been A While…


Two months:-

The amount of time it has been since I published a blog post, responded to an email or generally did anything that required me to move… or put any effort in at all unless I had no choice.

It's Been A While... Life on Vista Street written by Katie Haydock

I’ve mainly been taking some time for me. I’ve read a book (The Chocolate Lovers Diet by Carole Matthews) which is usually unheard of, almost finished watching Grey’s Anatomy in it’s 13 series entirety and watched the final episode of Girls (we’re you as disappointed as me?!). Read more

My Captured Moment: BUMP

There is only one thing I love more than a pregnancy announcement… and that is lovely, warm, pink, squidgy, new baby cuddles.

A few of my friends are expecting or have just had babies (the host of this link-up included), and a few more that I know of are trying!

And although Mr Vista and I would love nothing more than a little brother or sister for Little Miss Vista, we’re not 100% there yet for a few reasons. Money being the main big one: We would need a bigger house, a bigger car and it would mean that we’d be missing a whole years worth of wages from me when we’ve just recovered from maternity leave the first time around.

But it seems to me that everywhere I look it’s bumps galore and scan pictures a-plenty – no complaints from me. Here’s hoping that all of 2016’s blog babies are healthy and happy.

I haven’t joined in with Heledd’s My Captured Moment for a little while. Mainly because I’ve been busy with work and and trying to sort out my work/life balance… I will publish that meal plan that I’ve been working on for a while. I promise!

Anyway with all of these little blog babies making their way I had a trawl through the photos on my laptop. All the way back to 2013 when I was baking the one and only Little Miss Vista – for a bit of a reminisce… Here is what I found…

My Captured Moment: BUMP Little Miss Vista Bump Collage pregnancy during 2013 by life on vista street katie haydock selfies

I think it’s safe to say my selfie abilities have improved in the past two and a bit years… but look at that BUMP!

I remember being shocked at how early my bump sprouted and how big it (she!!) got so quickly due to the gestational diabetes.

Once that was under control, the bump maintained and just got lower… I can still remember how excited I was and how much I loved the smell of Fairy non-bio!

Do you still have your bump selfies?

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Running in Lavender

Polka Dots and Bumps… My Captured Moment…

When we celebrated Little Miss Vista’s first birthday in November of last year Mr Vista put together a slide show photographs and short movies from her first year.

It was amazing and made me blub on many occasions.

On Sunday evening, as a Mother’s Day treat, I had a private viewing of this slide show.

Snuggle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea the emotions took me back to how I felt when I was a mere 30 weeks away from entering motherhood…

Contemplating motherhood in polka dots at Dyserth Falls… My Our Captured Moment…

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My Captured Moment: When We Were Two

Although this isn’t aesthetically the best photograph in the world, it is one of my favourites.

And up close and personal selfie with the person that chose and vowed to spend the rest of my life with.

We were on holiday in Abersoch, Wales, and had walked for miles (well, maybe a mile uphill)  in the rain, to visit the Ty Coch Inn.

The Ty Coch Inn is arguably the best pub in Wales and officially in the top ten beach bars in the world… according to a recent survey anyway. We needed to investigate.

So after twenty minutes of trudging in the rain through a golf course, we were wet.

Very wet.

It was packed!

There was a small smelly dog on the loose, and they had run out of almost everything on the seasonal and very limited menu.

But from what we saw peering out of the steamed up windows – the views across the Irish Sea and ‘the wall’ that you could probably spend hours sat on watching the world go by – it looked blissful.

Shame about the rain storm…

Just one more thing of significance in this photo of two faces that had undertaken a long walk in the rain: Note my glossy hair, pale complexion and eye bags to rival none?… I was five months pregnant… and this was to be last holiday we took as an ‘us’ of two.

Despite the rain, the wet jackets, the steamed up windows and the smelly dog – we were blissfully, blissfully happy on this photograph… the Cornish pasty and beans didn’t hurt anyway.

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First Trimester: How to Survive Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

When I was 6 weeks pregnant, I went to watch Pink in concert for my birthday with a group of friends.

Whilst I was there, I went to the loo and discovered that I was bleeding.
Not loads, but enough to be worried. I stayed calm until I got into my car that night and then promptly called Mr Vista, sobbing, convinced that I was losing our baby.
The next day, the bleeding had stopped and had been replaced by brown discharge. I was worried that it was the calm before the storm. I called the hospital that I was registered with and they referred me to the BEP Clinic (Bleeding in Early Pregnancy).
Having called in work sick, I made an appointment for less than an hour later and on arrival I had an internal scan. I discovered that I was nearly 7 weeks pregnant and that my baby had a lovely strong heartbeat.
The nurse was so comforting. She printed out a picture of our baby for me to take to show Mr Vista.
I called him right away. We were so relieved.
I felt so guilty about my bleeding and was convinced that it was my fault for flying in early pregnancy. I needed to talk to someone that was detached from the situation so I called the Cow and Gate Careline on 0800 977 8880 (or see the web page here ).
The lady that called me back was wonderful and put my mind to rest.
There is no proof that flying in early pregnancy harms your baby.
I had joined the Cow and Gate pregnancy club through excitement when I had just discovered we were pregnant. I would recommend any expectant mum to do this. The advice is free and everyone on the phones are health care professionals, and experienced mums! Plus you get a free soft toy cow (who doesn’t need one of these?)!
Twelve weeks later (when I was 19 weeks pregnant), I went to the loo and discovered that once again, I was bleeding. It was a much smaller amount than last time, but still, once again, I was concerned.
This time I remembered to breathe.
I called the NHS helpline and was referred to the maternity ward at my local hospital. I couldn’t go to the BEP clinic this time because I was too far along.
On arrival, I was given my own room where I was hooked up to a fetal monitoring device. And there I lay for a few hours, listening to my baby’s lovely strong heartbeat.
Phew. Again.
This time I had to wait to see a doctor. She examined me internally and took a few swabs to check for infections.
Everything was as it should be internally and the swabs all came back clear from infection. I was discharged four hours later by a registrar.
It only because apparently later on the pregnancy after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and undergoing many sizing scans, that my my left ovary refused to register my pregnancy and had still been ovulating.
This could have caused the bleeds.
It was at this point that I relaxed into pregnancy. My husband and I revealed our pregnancy to very close family and friends but explained that we were in the very early stages and that it was ‘our little secret’.
If you are experiencing bleeding in early pregnancy, here are my Top Ten Tips on how to cope: 
1. Stop panicking, you are going to need a clear head to get through this.
2. DON’T do a pregnancy test as it is likely that your hormones levels will be everywhere and it may not be accurate. The last thing you need a false negative.
3. If you have had your booking in meeting, call your midwife. If you haven’t, call your local hospitals’ helpline. You can find this on the NHS website.
4. Use a sanitary pad and make a note of how much blood you are losing by counting how many pads you have filled.
5. Get a lift or a cab. Sometimes speed is key, plus you must be comfortable.
6. After seeing a healthcare professional, if you are not happy – ask for a second opinion.
7. Prepare yourself for an internal scan. It won’t hurt but it is a little undignified and strange if it is your first baby (but nothing compared to a smear test). If you are offered one then take it, as whatever the outcome the answer is quick.
8. Don’t forget to breathe and whatever the outcome is, put your feet up.
9. Tell as few people as possible. You won’t want a fuss and you need to rest.
10. Write it down. This doesn’t sound like something you will want to do, but trust me, it helps to clear your head and keep you calm.
What are your experiences of the first trimester of pregnancy?
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