Thrifting Amore

You might have noticed a little #ShowMeTheThrift buzz on mine and Polkadot Pink’s instagram accounts last weekend. We were out and about and thrifting. This year we plan to travel the country (or the North at the very least) to enhance our love of all things second-hand and sustainable fashion. One might call it Thrifting Amore.

We love thrifting so much, we decided to start our own Instagram Thrifting Community hashtag #showmethethrift. I love a good thrifty instagram account mainly because I like to see what bargains others can pick up whist saving money and doing their bit to recycle clothes and save the planet.

And so, last weekend we were ready to do our bit.

Armed with lunch (and cake, who are we kidding here?!) money, tote bag and lots of hopeful inspiration we set off for a day full of thrifting. I had a bit of a shopping list already in my head: BretonΒ high neck tee, black fitted workΒ shirt, spring style dresses… all I needed now were for the charity shop gods to be kind.

First Stop… Southport

(via Scarisbrick Marina for a very windswept stroll).

Thrifting Amore

Thrifting Amore Read more

10 Thrifty Style Accounts To Follow On Instagram

One of these days I’ll get around to giving Little Miss Vista a fashion show of all the gorgeous pieces for my wardrobe I’ve thrifted over the past few months. The last thrifty fashion post I shared (you can read it here) was really well received and I LOVED producing it… but sadly I just don’t get the time to shop, style and shoot as much as I used to.


When it comes to thrifting items of clothing, I only have three rules:

1. It’s over a fiver it has to be *really* special.
2. No holes, no bobbles, no stains.
3. If I don’t have anything I can wear it with already in my wardrobe – put it back. Read more

What’s Up Gok?

I’m giving my age away here a little bit, but I was an impressionable, self conscious early twenty something in the era of a very special man.

A man that all men wanted to be (ish) and that all women wanted to dress them.

The TV show ‘How To Look Good Naked’ saw me through some pretty rough body shaming times, and circa 2006 gave me something to look forward to watching at night. Read more

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review

I usually spend my Thursday nights as a golf widow – but don’t pity me. I revel in it. I spend a few hours after Little Miss has gone to bed in front of the TV watching whatever I like, usually with food items that are *not* Slimming World friendly drifting in and out of social media.


But Thursday last week? Well… This Cinderella was given the night off to hot foot it down to Manchester Town (thats a thing right?!) and meet my RLBFF Polkadot Pink for a grown up coffee at Pot Kettle Black before we ventured just down the road to RUSH Hair and Beauty for an evening of treats.

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

Greeted by the lovely ladies from Tank PR, I felt like a princess from the start. Everything was so clean and sleek and brand new… And they had air conditioning (always a massive plus for me in a hairdressers).

RUSH Hair and Beauty Deansgate: Review by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

So with fizz in hand (well, opening a new Northern Flagship is a MASSIVE celebration, non?) I went to investigate further. I sat down with a stylist (and some canapes) to ask what really makes a good haircut? Read more

Goals For June

I know I say this every single month – but seriously dude, where did that month go??

I feel like there are not enough hours in the day at the best of times but May was a particularly busy month here on Vista Street… and June is set to be even busier.

Last month I set myself a few goals that I was hoping to have at least semi-achieved by the time I turned the page on my calendar again… Read more