The Budget Baptism #5 – The Cake

This is the fifth post in the series of ‘How we threw a gorgeous Christening for our daughter on just £100!’. The christening cake could be classed as a little bit cheaty… but I’m putting it in anyway. My mum wanted to help out with the costs of the day and we suggested she addRead more

The Budget Baptism #4 – Grandparent and Godparent Gifts

Remember how I started telling you how we managed to throw a really successful christening on a £100 budget?… Yes?… Well, look no further for the next instalment… Godparents My husband and I had a really hard time deciding who the Godparents of our daughter would be. We have so many wonderful people in ourRead more

The Budget Baptism #3 – Thank you Favours, Décor and Tables

 Its been a little while now since had our Little Miss Vista christened. She was baptised on a crisp February morning during the 9.45 am mass service… some family members didn’t thank us for the early rise on a Sunday. However, we made the most of the day and were able to be home withRead more

The Budget Baptism #2 – The Venue and Invitations

So, this post is a little late… well more than a little… four months late! Remember yesterday when I said I was going to share how we managed to pull off throwing a christening on a hundred quid? Well… this is where we started. I wanted to share, now that the ‘proper’ Christening and NamingRead more

The Budget Baptism #1 – The Baby Boom

Our daughter was born at the end of 2013 and it seems that she was born in a baby boom… or at least I think that she was. Mr Vista disagrees so maybe I have imagined it? However, in my defence, there seem to have been a lot of babies born to people that weRead more