How To Make An Amazing Hot Toddy…

 This evening I had planned to finish two blog posts and one article that I have (had for a while) in the pipelines. However I have had a feeling of ‘ickyness’ following me (stalking actually) around all day. At about 4 pm this ‘ickyness’ developed into blocked sinuses, sore throat, ears and head and I justRead more

My Kitchen and I Are Waiting for Day day… Beef and Mushroom

Guilty! We usually get at least one take away per week. It used to be every blue moon until the wee one arrived, but now its just easier. No brainpower or cooking required, and minimal dishes. This weekend (and quite possibly every other weekend until November), we can’t afford a take away. So I amRead more

My Kitchen and I Are Waiting for Pay Day: Fish Chowder

To kick off my new series of posts entitled ‘Waiting for Pay Day’, I thought I would share this Fish Chowder recipe with you. Although I was inspired to make it because I had cream, bacon and wheat crackers that needed using up, I originally saw something similar on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals andRead more