The Only Way is St Helens

It seems that 2016 has been a crazy year… and it’s about to get crazier. The Only Way is St Helens this Christmas as The Only Way is Essex stars prepare to appear in the St Helens Theatre Royal’s Christmas Panto – ALADDIN.


A few days ago, I started to backfill the weeks from which I’ve been a little absent from the blogging world. I’ve still been here… but just not as frequently. The truth is, that at the end of last year I was given an unexpected opportunity at work to step up and prove myself. IRead more

6 Recipes in a Creamline Dairies Vegetable Box: WIN

Since starting my Slimming World journey, I seem to spend a lot of time shopping for groceries… for one thing in particular. Vegetables!

Le Clean, C’est Freak: Astonish Competition

It is a very rare occasion indeed that my house is tidy. I’m tired and I have a toddler – I think that is enough justification. However, my house is always, ALWAYS clean!

Mine and the Professor’s Emporium: WIN

Ladies and gents, it is that time of year… yes, it is the time of year that doesn’t agree with my skin, hair or nails. I try to make the best of what I have, but sometimes I need more. My dry skin and hair and brittle nails were all something that was aggravated byRead more