Stepping into Christmas with Peter Pan

The time has finally come to take my biggest to her first ever Christmas panto so that we can well and truly step into Christmas. And this year we will be stepping into Christmas with Peter Pan. Last year I took The Girl to see ‘The Bear’ and as fabulous as it was the wholeRead more

Didn’t Lose Any Weight This Week On Slimming World? Read on…

Didn't Lose Any Weight This Week On Slimming World? Read on... written by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

It’s 03:45 a.m. as I write. I’m full of a cold, my sinuses are hurting, I’m mentally planning a wedding and a christening, there has been a death in the family, I know the baby will want feeding in about 40 minutes and I’m scared I won’t hear him and he’ll wake up the bigRead more

Christmas Dinner Soup – Lentil and Bacon – WIN Creamline Veg Box

Christmas Dinner Soup - Lentil and Bacon. Written and photographed by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street BLOG only.

Goodbye January – you have been terrible! Hello Christmas Dinner Soup. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the calorie laden Christmas Roast Dinner. It’s something I long for the year through because a roast dinner just tastes better on Christmas day… that and during the rest of the year – this year inRead more

A Little Bit Lately: The Bear at the Waterside, Sale

One thing that I underestimated before my little boy blue arrived, was how much I was going to miss spending time with my girl. Just me and her. Our youngest is now eight weeks old and for a few weeks there it was seriously tough. Getting into the swing of night feeds and having anotherRead more

Slimming World Plan in Pregnancy

Try as I might for the last 10 weeks or so of my pregnancy I could not seem to keep a clean diet – keeping to the Slimming World plan or any ‘diet’ for that matter – during pregnancy is SO hard. It takes a huge amount of will power which I do not seemRead more