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“Katie Haydock is a happily married working mum of two living the simple life with a penchant for Yorkshire Tea, a decent blow dry and fabulous shoes.”

Proud to have been featured on the Liverpool Echo and BBC websites and to have guest posted on some fabulous UK blogs:

Mini Travellers
Mumma Scribbles

Amongst my favourite things to do are to write and take photographs. I have a tendency to do these things with my family at home, on the borders of Cheshire and Lancashire – just outside of Warrington, UK.

As a family we strive to be more sustainable in how we live. We grow some of our own food and try to buy local when we can afford it. We recycle, reuse, donate and buy second hand. We drive a car with low emissions. Cook most of our own food and try not to buy or drink shop bought bottled water.

Although we do have to hold our hands up to some mod cons – in fact I attribute our 12 years of marriage to the dishwasher – but we’ve come a long way from the way we used to live.

My Life on Vista Street is a place to find information about budgeting, recipes, meal plans, life updates, personal style on a shoestring and reviews of things I find that I like and places that I go. I tend to focus more on my life as a thirty something gal rather than that of my family, but my family are a big part of my life so it’s inevitable they invade!

I found the world of blogging back in 2012, but was only brave enough to actually start publishing my own words in May of 2014 when my daughter was six months old. I turned to social media for solace after struggling to make β€˜mum friends’ when my daughter was born and, well, I was just feeling a little bit lonely. I discovered I wasn’t alone when I wrote about it. Who knew there were so many like-minded people on-line?

Four years and another child later and I’m much more comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am and what purpose my life has. This has affected the way in which I operate My Life on Vista Street. This blog is for my enjoyment mostly. A place for me to mind dump or for me to share the things I’ve fallen in love with – be it a new reusable drinks bottle or my latest Red Cross charity shop bargain.

I do work with PR agencies and brands that I trust. Product reviews, ambassadorships, guest posts and collaborations can and do all feature on My Life on Vista Street. But know that all of these things are clearly disclosed and that all reviews are open and honest.

The ten most used tags on My Life on Vista Street to best describe its content:

Slimming World

I hope you enjoy reading what I have written and that you’ve found what you are looking for within the pages of My Life on Vista Street.

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