Stepping into Christmas with Peter Pan

The time has finally come to take my biggest to her first ever Christmas panto so that we can well and truly step into Christmas. And this year we will be stepping into Christmas with Peter Pan.

Last year I took The Girl to see ‘The Bear’ and as fabulous as it was the whole thing was a bit tiring for my then four year old. She was still a pre schooler and really was reliant on that 7 pm bedtime.

12 months have passed and she’s ready. Ready to stay up past her bed time once more for a night at the theatre.

This year we’re popping along to St Helens Theatre Royal to see Tinkerbell sparkle some magic.

This year’s panto stars actor Louis Emerick as Captain Hook (better known as Mick from Brookie for any other 90s kids) and special guest star, Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff as Tinker Bell. 

The cast also includes Lewis Devine, Si Foster, Georgina Parkinson and Abigail Middleton.

With a sprinkling of fairy dust get ready to join Wendy, John and Michael as we leave St Helens behind, flying past the second star to the right and straight to Neverland, to enjoy daring adventures battling the evil Captain Hook and his hapless henchman. “

With a few familiar faces there to greet us, I’m sure a great night will be had by all. We’ll let you know hoe we get on.



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