Slimming World Plan in Pregnancy

Try as I might for the last 10 weeks or so of my pregnancy I could not seem to keep a clean diet – keeping to the Slimming World plan or any ‘diet’ for that matter – during pregnancy is SO hard. It takes a huge amount of will power which I do not seem to possess.

38 Weeks Pregnant.

I managed to keep going to my usual session until I hit 27 weeks pregnant… but by this point I’d gained all of the weight that I’d lost and it was getting to be upsetting. My consultant was really understanding and tried to support as much as she could and ultimately respected my decision not to attend class anymore.

I know that the majority of my weight gain was baby and only a third of this was actual biscuit and cake related flubber but it did still hurt to know that all of my good work was undone, and I’d come home and have a good cry about it. So I stopped attending to save my own feelings.

I did still try to eat ‘cleanly’ and listen to my body… but my body (and bump) just seemed to scream CADBURY. But my five per day and yoga were a staple up until about 38 weeks pregnant… at this point I started to eat more carbohydrates to try to curb the extreme hunger!

So what were my Slimming World positives during pregnancy?

  1. I managed to use (and very often exceed) my 15 syns per day
  2. I made sure that I used my Healthy Extra A and Healthy Extra B (remember pregnant and breastfeeding ladies get two of each) each day
  3. Most of my evening meals were syn free and jam packed full of nutritious speedy veg
  4. I increased the amount of free and speedy fruits that I was eating to help combat the effects of the iron supplements that I had been prescribed
You know all about my weakness for afternoon tea…

What went wrong?

  1. I craved higher calorie foods such as wotsits and chicken dippers with mayonnaise
  2. I often felt sick and / or had no appetite first thing in the morning so white bread toast crept back in (I hadn’t eaten white bread in nearly 2 years) and I started to eat more and more fruit loaf… with butter
  3. Extra snacks were often unplanned and calorific… (Hello Cadbury’s Boost and Twirls)
  4. I woke in the middle of the night ravenous and ate more Special K and Belvita bars than I care to remember
  5. I enjoyed gorging on my favourite treats whilst I was pregnant, but within reason as I knew I was at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes again. After having two clear GTTs (glucose tolerance tests) I did start to relax a little
Carby theme…?

I over came most obstacles by talking about it and trying to stay full. I’m hoping I’m not left with a post pregnancy shell that I’m ashamed of.

Were you able to control your appetite during pregnancy?

Thanks so much for reading Slimming World Plan in Pregnancy


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One thought on “Slimming World Plan in Pregnancy

  1. thanks hun this has helped me as I’ve just found out I’m pregnant but don’t want to tell my consultant yet as we are going to do a surprise announcement in the book when she does the awards once we have had our scan …. I couldn’t remember from my last pregnancy what I could have healthy extra wise. thank you so so much for this xx

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