26 Things Every Pregnant Gal Needs to Hear

At 39 weeks pregnant I am now the most pregnant that I have *ever* been. By this point in my pregnancy with Little Miss Vista I had already given birth, fallen in love and returned home from the hospital after a four night stay.

As any mum will know I am currently suffering from many a throw away comment: ‘Haven’t you gone yet?’, ‘Are you STILL pregnant?’, ‘Are you SURE there isn’t two in there?’ and my personal favourite – ‘Aren’t you BIG?’.

As a 5 ft 2 inch gal that often teeters unwillingly on the edge of plus sized at the best of times, any comment that is inclusive of the words BIG and / or LARGE makes me particularly cross.

‘Look how big you are!’ is almost never a compliment!

Don’t say it!

To anyone.


There is, however a long list of positive things that you could say to someone who is carrying around 3 stones of extra weight, sweating profusely and has swollen trotters feet…

You look great.

You’re glowing.

You are all belly aren’t you?

Is your little one excited to be a big brother / sister?

You can’t even tell you are pregnant from the back!

If baby is quiet you should ring delivery triage – babies don’t run out of room. 


Being pregnant suits you.

You are doing so well.

Your bump is so tidy.


Would you like me to carry that for you?

Baby will come when baby is ready.

Can I do anything to help?


You must be so excited!

Don’t try to look like the women in the mum and baby magazines… not even they look like that!

You know your own body – go with your instincts.


Would you like me to cook dinner?

You will totally get more sleep with a new-born then you will at 9 months pregnant.

What pregnancy weight?!


You are / going to be such a great Mum!

On behalf of pregnant women everywhere, I implore you to use one of the above comments (or something similar) instead of telling an innocent, hormonal woman how massive she is. Although you could mean it in the most innocent of ways, all she hears is that she looks fat… and from experience, I know that she’ll feel even worse because she would have probably paid a small fortune for the maternity clothes she looks so ‘fat’ in.

And then she will probably go to the nearest quiet place and have a little cry… and then maybe hide and eat a double salted caramel magnum at the earliest opportunity.

Whats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you whilst you were pregnant?

Thanks so much for reading 26 Things Every Pregnant Gal Needs to Hear…

Love and baby bumps,

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