7 Of The Best British TV Series To Binge Watch

I am the perfect example of a binge watcher. I barely ever watch anything on terrestrial TV, and when I do it is usually on catch up to avoid all of those pesky adverts. I am watching The Handmaids Tale and Game of Thrones at the moment, and having to wait to watch one measly episode each week is driving me to distraction.

I mentioned last month that I have spent a huge amount of the evenings of 2017 so far sat in front of the telly box watching various degrees of utter tripe… but not all of the TV programmes I stumbled upon in my pregnancy sickness befuddlement were tripe.

It suddenly dawned on me at the end of last month when I was struggling to find anything new to binge watch how much TV my brain had consumed in the six months since Christmas.

So I thought I’d share my favourites with you. I’ve constructed four blog posts for four different genres:

  1. British
  2. Reality Documentary
  3. Drama Thriller
  4. Comedy

So if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post looking for telly watching recommendations I hope you have found what you’re looking for… (Click here for the playlist of trailers!!)

7 Of The Best British TV Series To Binge Watch


Marcella Backland, mum of two, left the London Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her, devastated, years later. She returns to her job investigating a case that seems disturbingly familiar to her… but will her sanity suffer?

In my opinion, this is some of Anna Freil’s best work.

Lucky Man

Actor James Nesbitt plays Detective Inspector Harry Clayton, a brilliant but troubled police man and a compulsive gambler who is in danger of losing the thing he values most… his family. Or can his new piece of jewellery save them all?


Series 1, 2 or 3 – each as gripping as the next.

Another police drama… Set in the close-knit coastal town of Broadchurch in Dorset. The first series depicted the impact that suspicion and media attention have on the community when an 11-year-old boy is found dead.


Another fantastic series set up… dare you not to watch all three one after the other!

American Boy + Irish Girl + One night stand = PREGNANT. With lots of laughs along the way.


The way to a mans heart is through his stomach… but sleeping with another woman’s husband is never a great idea. Oven when he used to be yours… Full of Dawn French’s usual charms.

Doll and Em

The show is about an actress named Em and her best friend Doll as they navigate their friendship once Em hires Doll to be her assistant during a stint in Hollywood… paradise? Or not?


An oldie but a goody. Spaced reminds me of staying up way past my bedtime at the weekends as a young twenty something to watch what was my first taste of ‘sweary’ comedy. Now as an adult, not so sweary… just British.

Perfect strangers pretending to be a couple. An alcoholic landlady. A disturbed and troubled painter. A war crazed maniac in jogging bottoms. A fashion designer. And a dog named Colin… what’s not to love?

What have you been watching this year?

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