Girl Off Grid…

Ok, ok. So not exactly ‘off grid’ as defined by the Oxford English but these past few months I’ve blogged less and less. Until last month… when I didn’t publish a blog post at all.

I haven’t fallen out with blogging or social media in any way. I still get instagram related thumb cramp like the best of them. I’ve just been taking some time back for me and chilling out. Since falling pregnant this time around I can totally appreciate the ‘constantly exhausted pigeon’ meme doing the rounds on Facebook.

I’m still up and at ’em at 6 am most mornings regardless of how many times I got up in the night to pee. Working, keeping my house in order and it’s inhabitants alive, spending quality time with Little Miss Vista and having the occasional conversation with my husband and other family members. But once 7 pm rolls around and we’ve had dinner, cleared up and Little Miss is in bed… I. Am. Done.

I have just enough energy to make a (decaf) cuppa, grab the chocolate digestives – yeeeeah, not very slimming world, I know – and point and click the TV remote. I had to work away from home for a week in May and I just don’t seem to have recovered from it as dramatic as that sounds.

And as for living life is small letters on-screen, I’m not sure I could have said it any better than Donna (who blogs over at Polkadot Pink) myself:

“… reviewing search engine ranking positions, noting how many unique visitors I’d had that day and thinking of search engine friendly titles”

When you’ve been blogging for a few years and get familiar with the ins and outs of it all it’s so easy to get sucked in and to forget that you only ever started a blog as a creative outlet – or in my case, to meet other mums. I have my career already – I write because I enjoy it and love the blogging community so, SO much. The fact that readers regularly visit Life on Vista Street is just a massive bonus, so thank you SO MUCH for reading.

The same goes for social media. I am one of those people whose main purpose for getting a Facebook account was to stalk people. My blog does have a Facebook page, but I read more than I post. I use twitter and instagram to find reading material and to contact people and brands (I love how easily a complaint is resolved on twitter!) and I mainly make shopping lists on Pinterest.

Amy (who blogs over at Everything Mummy) said it best I think…

“I tell my children often enough they’ve had too much screen time but I can’t seem to tell myself”

And I’ll admit that my mobile phone is never far from my right hand… but I’ve been much less virtually present this year. I neither love it nor hate it, but I’ve rediscovered the parts of social media that I enjoy again rather than just spamming my accounts to gain blog traffic… a bit like when Deadpool decided to use his super-powers for good, not evil.

It’s been super satisfying.

What you can expect from Life on Vista Street for the Second Half of 2017…

Pregnancy Related Overshares and Bump News

I have been keeping a note pad of my experiences of pregnancy the second time around, but I think I’ll most likely keep those to myself. Not just because there is too much to type, but also because this time has been really special for us (except for all the nausea) and I want to keep it private. After all, this is most likely going to be last time I do this.

Girl Off Grid... written by katie haydock for life on vista street
26 weeks pregnant…

That isn’t to say that I’m keeping pregnancy under wraps. I do have some stories to share… warts and all.

Sharing the TV Programmes that I’ve Bingewatched

Only the ones I’ve loved of course. I’ve watched so much TV this year you wouldn’t believe it. Mainly on terrestrial catch up channels and on Now TV (not selling anything for Now TV. We are paying customers).

I should probably hang my head in shame that there are WAY too many TV programmes to share in one round up blog post… but it was all for the purpose of research you understand *averts eye contact*…

The Usual Recipes and Money Saving Ideas

They’re mainly cheap but nutritious family dishes (and usually syn free on slimming world) that I’ve been making a habit of serving up for dinner whilst we’re saving for the arrival of our newest small person. But I’ve also got ideas on how to keep the lifestyle you love without making yourself bankrupt. I’ll also be sharing how I intend to stick to a budget for the 12 months that I’ll be away from work on a reduced wage.

Personal Style and Thrift

I published my last personal style post when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. It was around the time that jeans had just stopped fastening and although I felt chunky I didn’t feel huge.

Girl Off Grid... written by katie haydock for life on vista street
Before my second pregnancy. At target weight and feeling good.
Girl Off Grid... written by katie haydock for life on vista street
10 weeks pregnant. Feeling tired, swollen and not in the mood to have my photo taken.

From that point, up until very recently I haven’t felt that I looked pregnant – I just felt I looked like I’d eaten too much. And although we are team yellow at the moment (we didn’t find out our new baby’s gender) I’m leaning towards girl because much the same as last time I’ve gained weight on my face and arms.

My Weight Loss Journey Through Pregnancy

The above statement is a total lie! I have in fact gained all of the weight that I’ve lost so far, but not without careful consideration as I know how hard it was to get off in the first place. 2/3 of the weight is baby related but the other third is without a doubt full fat yoghurt, granola, soreen, wotsists, chocolate digestives and smoothies.

Girl Off Grid... written by katie haydock for life on vista street

I’m fully aware that my diet is higher in added and natural sugars at the moment, but I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy food. At 26 weeks pregnant my list of food aversions is bigger than the foods I’m enjoying. Thus far I have managed to escape gestation diabetes during this pregnancy. I honestly think this is due to my exercise regime and drinking lots and lots of water, but who knows?

You can also expect me to make a conscious effort to start responding to emails… sorry if you’re a victim of my 2000 strong inbox!

What have you been up to?

Thanks so much for reading Girl Off Grid…


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3 thoughts on “Girl Off Grid…

  1. I can totally relate to the being done by 7pm feeling. With my first pregnancy I didn’t really get tired till the last few weeks and even then it wasn’t bad. With my second I felt exhausted all the time. Blogging can easily take over but remembering why you started in the first place really helps put things in perspective, taking care of yourself and having a happy pregnancy is way more important. Good luck with all your goals for the rest of the year x

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