Thrifting Amore

You might have noticed a little #ShowMeTheThrift buzz on mine and Polkadot Pink’s instagram accounts last weekend. We were out and about and thrifting. This year we plan to travel the country (or the North at the very least) to enhance our love of all things second-hand and sustainable fashion. One might call it Thrifting Amore.

We love thrifting so much, we decided to start our own Instagram Thrifting Community hashtag #showmethethrift. I love a good thrifty instagram account mainly because I like to see what bargains others can pick up whist saving money and doing their bit to recycle clothes and save the planet.

And so, last weekend we were ready to do our bit.

Armed with lunch (and cake, who are we kidding here?!) money, tote bag and lots of hopeful inspiration we set off for a day full of thrifting. I had a bit of a shopping list already in my head: Breton high neck tee, black fitted work shirt, spring style dresses… all I needed now were for the charity shop gods to be kind.

First Stop… Southport

(via Scarisbrick Marina for a very windswept stroll).

Thrifting Amore

Thrifting Amore

Afternoon sweetie 😉 🍬🍭

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I’m a long time Southport lover (read about that here) so enjoyed the seaside town’s company for the afternoon, but the charity shops? Quantity, not quality. We trawled the rails in what felt like tens of charity shops but my little cotton tote bag came away disappointed.

Not the best start to our #showmethethrift tour.

What do you do when you’re out for a day of thrifting and it ain’t going too well? You get your pal to take some snaps of your outfit of course!

Thrifting Amore

I’m still unsure of this weather. It’s not Spring yet but it’s not Winter anymore either…

So I went for layers. This Dorothy Perkins denim shirt dress set me back £1.99 in the local British Red Cross charity shop and is perfect for layering under and over tops and sweaters.

I made full use of its little pointed collar here and teamed it with a basic H&M long sleeved sweater. I bought this from new but I have certainly had my £10 worth out of it in the three years that I’ve owned it.

Thrifting Amore

These cut out ankle boots were originally from Everything5Pounds I believe, but were gift to me by Donna (thifting pal and BFF extraordinaire). They were too big for her and my feet are wider so I gladly took them off her hands. How cute are they?

The satchel is actually a camera bag that was a birthday gift from my husband last year. I’m told they are widely available but he got this beaut off Amazon. The K Mix key-ring (if you can spot it on my bag) was a gift at an event I went to nearly two years ago and is still a prize possession. And the coat is Per Una… not strictly a thrift find but I picked it up at Cheshire Oaks for the massively knocked down price of £39! I adore the furry collar and deep pockets.

Thrifting Amore

The Amore necklace? I picked this is up in my (ex) local Store 21 in the closing down sale for 50p. I don’t wear if often as it’s a bit of an odd length, but I love they way it brings this whole outfit together.

Thrifting Amore

Donna makes a really good point about thrifting in her blog post – “mix old and new”. Most items that I thrift are items of clothing that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford full price. I very rarely buy ‘cheaper’ items second-hand unless they’re something I’ve been coveting for a long time or I just fall in love with it.

What have you bought secondhand lately? Share it with us on instagram with…


Love and charity shop karma,

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  1. Now I see you are the other thrifter that Donna mentioned. I bet it’s great to have a blogger friend close to hand! Mine are mostly in America! It just turned out that way. I have to say that camera bag is one of the most stylish I’ve seen. Thank you so much for linking up. I hope you come back (Thursday eve) x

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