Meal Planning Monday: W/C 2/1/2017

It’s 2017.


Is it just me or when you think “what year is it?” just for a split second you think it’s the 90s? I’m not sure where the last twelve months went, nor am I exactly sure how I wound up being a 30 something working mum when I’m still 17 in my head – but what I do know is that our family life needs more organisation.

Meal Planning Monday: W/C 2/1/2017

I’m still working (my arse off) 30 hours per week and hoping for a promotion (be careful what you wish for) – and so is Mr Vista. I’ll still be attending Slimming World and Kettlebell classes once per week for the foreseeable future. I’d love to take up yoga and have more time with family on weekends but if I’ve any hope of having any ‘me’ time or conversations with my husband about something other than who put the laundry in on what day (to see if it needs re-washing for the third time) at all the yoga dream may have to wait.

I used to plan out meals every week when we were on a tight budget – but it seems the more disposable income we have the lazier less organised we get.

I have a few plans of how to inject some organisation into our family over the coming weeks. But first things first – lets reinstate the family weekly meal plan.


Breakfast – Slimming World Fry Up consisting of Heck Sausage (not free but very low syn), Bacon Medallions, Mushrooms fried in fry light and one slice of wholemeal toast.
Lunch – McCain frozen jacket potato (1 syn each) with prawns, a flat tablespoon of reduced fat seafood sauce (2.5 syns) and chopped green peppers.
Tea – Waitrose gluten free pea pasta with pure and simple passata.


Breakfast – Bran flakes with Whitworths Shot (4.5 syns each but so tasty) and semi skimmed milk.
Lunch – Black bean veggie stir fry with rice noddles.
Tea – Unplanned as my Dad provides out Tea on a Tuesday night.


Breakfast – Bran flakes with Whitworths Shot and semi skimmed milk.
Lunch – Turkey steak with cous cous and sliced peppers.
Tea – Unplanned as my Mum in law provides tea on a Wednesday night.


Breakfast – Peach Melba over night oats (you can find the recipe here)
Lunch – Flakes Salmon with white rice and shredded carrot and cucumber.
Tea – Good old slimming world Roast Chicken. With an abundance of veggies and mashed potato.

Meal Planning Monday: W/C 2/1/2017


Breakfast – Ham and Egg muffins – recipe available on the Slimming World website.
Lunch – Beans on Toast.
Tea – Slimming world burger and fries. Served with side salad and MILLIONS of pickles and gherkins.


Breakfast – Poached eggs and mushrooms.
Lunch – Steak and mustard butty with rocket and tomatoes.
Tea – Slimming World Spaghetti bolognese made with 3% fat pork mince.


Breakfast – Bacon on toast with tomatoes.
Lunch – Spanish omelette.
Tea – Roast chicken with slimming world chips and an assortment of frozen veg.

The shopping was delivered earlier today to put this plan into full force. The sweets, chocolate and biscuits have been put away on the top shelf in the pantry… Let’s see what happens.

What are you eating this week?



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