The One Without A Photo…

Just shy of a month ago we moved house.

We moved from an old, mid terraced house that we had made into a comfortable home into a brand new house, with crisp white (none textured) walls, even floors and stacks of possibility.

Exciting stuff!

My blog’s name originally derived from our previous address. I’m not *quite* silly enough to publish my actual address for the whole world to see: but I have always liked the word Vista… A long and pleasing view.

It isn’t that we were unhappy where we were living or that we have relocated. We have moved to a bigger house a mile and a half up the road. It has a back, front and side garden. It has a pantry / utility space and a down stairs loo. It doesn’t need a new boiler nor does it need a new front door… it was just time for us to move on whilst we could.

About that Vista…

Our fairly large village is surrounded by lush green lands and there are even a few rolling hills (ish). The main street on the far side of the village (which we now live closer to) consists of two rows of florists, cafes and boutique shops. The high street is lined with trees and is headed by a tall, pretty church overlooking our favourite park and duck pond.


So far my life has been a long and pleasing view. Sometimes I’ve had to walk on uneven surfaces or into unknown territories to get to where I am today but the view has always been pleasing. And those uncertainties make it feel that much better to be here standing next to my lovely husband and little girl.


Today we went on a family day out.

I didn’t take any photographs – except for the blurred ‘mum’ camera phone shots for my own personal use. This is unheard of.

But I am ok with this.

“Call yourself a blogger?” I hear you chant…

But these past few weeks of living in our new home has me feeling really content. I realised that sometimes when I was feeling the pressure of things I would use blogging (and my camera in recent months) to hide behind. I’d force myself to write a blog post and I’d force myself to get out of the house just to take pictures for the blog and set myself silly personal targets just to stop myself from thinking about other things.

I probably wasn’t the best person to be around nor the nicest person to live with.


I now see this as what it really was – an attempt for me to bring control to situations I could not control the outcome of in my own way. Moving house was just one of the stress factors (we’ve only been trying to buy our new home since April!), but I am happy to say that another huge factor is now slowly starting to disperse.

A close family member has been ill and I have found myself distancing myself from the situation to stop my own emotions from making anything else worse. After this decision came the guilt.

And then came my own personal stresses caused by the surgery I underwent to remove my gallbladder. This was to say goodbye to my gallstone problems once and for all. Phyl the angry gallbladder has left the building and I haven’t felt as good as I do now in years.


So that day out today? The one where I didn’t take any ‘blog-worthy’ photographs was huge for me. I was Katie again. I smiled and meant it. I didn’t have anything on my mind. I wasn’t checking my phone for messages from anyone other than my beloved. And above all, I just enjoyed watching my Little Miss and her cousins enjoy themselves first hand… not through a camera lens.

I love blogging. It is cathartic for me, is my creative outlet and above all has brought me friends and opportunities that I would never have met / done otherwise. But never will I ever as long as I live use it as something to hide behind again.

Life on Vista Street

And so, although we have moved house my life is still a long and pleasing view. A view that I will continue to share on my corner of the internet… In homage of a happy home because of the people I share it with: Normality resumes on Vista Street.



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2 thoughts on “The One Without A Photo…

  1. Ah I’m so glad to hear you are so happy in your new home, I agree it is nice to just go out and not worry about taking pictures and just enjoying the moment. I have been doing that a lot this holiday! x

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