18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock for life on vista street

I joined my Slimming World group in July 2015. Since then I have dropped two dress sizes and generally feel cleaner, healthier and better about myself.

Most of the time anyway…

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street
June 2015
18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street
June 2015

There are lots of things that make me stick to my new lifestyle… but the main thing that keeps me on track? My consultant. No, I’m not trying to bag a free week and this isn’t a commissioned blog post – she is well worth the £4 odd per week I pay for her time and support.

She’s always there with words of wisdom, she always responds to text messages and never admits to seeing us all as a mithersome lot – we must drive her bonkers – but her best quality by far is that she not afraid to speak the absolute truth. You can lie to yourself about how ‘good’ you’ve been this week and how you have no idea how you’ve gained twelve stone in seven days (possibly exaggeration)… but she can spot fibs from a mile off.

Why? Because she’s been there and done that!

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street
April 2016
18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street
March 2016

I’ve been teetering back and forth at the two stone edge since Christmas and I just can’t seem to pull myself out of the fog to get into the last home straight to target. It’s only another half of what I’ve already lost and I’m there.

So why can’t I get there…? And what can I do to get over the stumbling blocks?

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them

1. Staying to group when you’ve gained…

Whether it’s expected or not it’s always a little mortifying disappointing to pay that membership fee to be told you’ve gained weight. But the hardest part is done! And things can only get better from now on.

Stay to the meeting. You will feel better, and could find that little gem in that hour that could get you your bigger loss next week.

2. Staying to group when you know exactly why you’ve gained…

There is no embarrassment in admitting you’re human… and sometimes humans eat a little too much bread! This human does…

Like I said in point 1 – stay. You’ll feel better afterwards no matter how hard it feels at the time. The likelihood is that everyone else has been in your position. 

3. Endless Shopping Lists

Slimming World magazine alone offers so many tasty recipes per month. In fact this month I tried all the recipes and exhausted the new ones within the month so I got a few more weight loss mags from the supermarket. But my shopping lists can be ENORMOUS!

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street

To shorten your shopping lists invest in bulk buying items. Try just one or two new recipes per week. And cook in bulk and freeze / refrigerate when you can to save time and money.

You could even try (like I am at the moment) shopping in the slightly more expensive independent fruit and veg shops to ensure you’re not taken in by the special offers and stick to your list and meal plan. 

4. Case of the CBA’s (Can’t be arsed)

Lets be honest here, hands up who can be bothered to cook a meal from scratch when they get home from a long day at work and have a hungry rabble chorusing ‘I’m huuuuuuungryyyyyyyy’? Not I!

Get a good stock of free and easy meals. Fry light egg and slimming world chips with quick fry mushrooms. Use select pre-packed soups as your healthy extra B. Egg noodles boiled with a stock cute and a snipped in spring onion. You don’t have to spend hours on a meal for it to be free – and why make more than one meal?!

5. Slipped and Fell

*Bites in to enormous cream bun* – WAIT! How many syns is in this again? Oh. Too late…

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street

We’ve all done it.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to just remember it’s just one blip. Do a little exercise (take the stairs for a whole day?) and put it behind you – don’t let it spoil the rest of your week.

6. Sweet Temptation

“But you are doing so well – you are entitled to a treat”. Well meaners can be the biggest saboteurs without you even knowing it.

Think before you eat! Yes, you have done really well and yes, you ARE entitled to a treat – but on your own terms. Use your flexible syns but don’t betray yourself out of politeness.

7. Life

Got a rush on at work? Deadlines? Sick kids? Had a holiday? Christmas shopping? Unexpected visitors? Birthday? Yep. Life happens.

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street

Don’t fight life. Having a happy life is the reason we want to change our lifestyle for the better, so when you have a blip because life is happening, don’t worry. It won’t always be like this – just go with it for now until you can improve.

Just don’t leave it too long and reach for the foods you know are speedy and free!

8. Healthy Extras

Gained weight and not sure why? Crack down on those healthy extras. I’ve been guilty of using my healthy extras more than once a day… sometimes three times!

The secret to controlling your healthy extras is by weighing, measuring and tracking! Write everything down and then you can’t forget – your phone calendar is an ideal place for this.


I’ve proven that you can have a healthy diet on a budget (here and here), but investing in a week’s worth of speed fruit can be a dear do. Especially if you have to pop to the shops a few days per week.

You can over come this by being more of a savvy shopper. Buy hardier fruit for later on the week like apples and pears and have your berries within a few days. Oranges and grapefruit keep very well in or out of the fridge… you could even start to grown your own! Now is the time of year.

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street

10. When it all goes wrong in the kitchen…

Invested half a day in making a family meal from scratch from your new recipe book?

Hate it?

Yep – I’ve been there too.

The likelihood is that someone in the family will like it so it’s a bonus for their lunch the next day. But try not to give up. Make yourself a constellation prize of cheese on toast using your healthy extras or beans and slimming world chips, or even keep a tasty back up in the freezer for such occasions ready to ding! If you can stay on track after a blip like this you’ll feel amazing about your own ability to be loyal to yourself.

11. Self Loathing

Eaten an entire pack of chocolate covered digestives? Eaten an entire jar of nutella with a spoon? Eaten all the kids Easter eggs? Disappointed in yourself and reaching for the emergency twirls in the tin on top of the fridge?

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street


I’ve hated myself for falling off the wagon so many times that I’ve just eaten and eaten and eaten myself silly with all of the wrong things. You’ll be so proud of yourself the next day if you don’t do it. If you still feel like you could eat enough stodge for a family of four then have a HUGE bowl of pasta. It’s not chocolate, I know, but it’s free and filling and will hopefully satisfy your appetite.

12. The Unexpected Gain…

Had a spot on week? Gained a pound or maintained? Don’t lose heart. I’ve done this once or twice and have felt like crying.

The best thing to do is to stay to body image group, talk about it (even if you don’t want to) and carry on regardless. Make sure you weigh and measure everything the following week in case you’ve been having too much of something and go back to group the next week.

I’ll bet you have the loss you have been working for!

13. Under pressure

Stress can make our minds go into overdrive and without realising it we deviate from plan a. I know this all too well. I’ve tried a few times before to lose weigh after having Little Miss Vista but forgot about the fact that I had a tiny dependant person.

Don’t beat yourself up for having priorities, but do remember that you are important too. If you can get support from someone just a few times a week to plan your meals, batch cook, shop or even exercise this will make all the difference to your life… and maybe even ease the pressure a bit.

14. Fat bottomed girls: Exercise

Want to start an exercise class or go out running and feel self concious? Or are you completely reluctant to exercise at all?

I was both of these things before I started exercising. And then I went to a few classes and discovered that no one is looking. Everyone else has paid for the class too and they want to work out, not point and laugh at you (phew). And as for running – just get out there and once you get into it you won’t care what people think (I should point out that most of them are thinking ‘good on you’!).

15. Drink!

One of my main downfalls is that I very often forget to drink. And I don’t mean at all, but I do mean ‘enough’. We should be drinking eight cups / glasses of water per day at the least and for every cup of tea or coffee we drink – we should add another serving of water to compensate. If you don’t drink enough water it will hinder your weight loss – not to mention make you feel phantom hungry.

Keep a bottle of water on your desk at work or next to your fridge at home at all times. Try to refill it at every hour! You’d be surprised how much water you can drink when you remind yourself to – and how much better it’ll make you feel without realising.

18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them written by katie haydock of life on vista street

16. Weighing Yourself Too Much

When I started my weight loss journey back in July last year I threw my bathroom scales away. There can be such a thing as weighing yourself too much.

You should weigh yourself once per week, preferably at the same time on the same scales. If you refrain from weighing yourself you’ll feel less anxious about weigh in and your weight loss record will feel like more of an achievement. I challenge you to a week of none weighing at home!

17. The Kids Leftovers

When avoiding processed food in it’s entirety there are few things that taste better then leftover, half eaten, nearly cold chicken dippers (let’s not pretend, I know you do it too!).

To stop myself from committing this cardinal, and frankly fairly disgusting syn (geddit??) I either a. throw washing up liquid over the lot immediately after removing from my child or throw it in the bin right away.

18. Unrealistic

Slimming World works. I’ve been on a few different diets that ranged from eating too much of one food type, to not eating solid food at all. These diets rarely worked for me and if they did the weight almost immediately crept back on.

If you have a wedding to attend / holiday / hot date in four weeks and want to lose three stone and drop two dress sizes – I’m sorry – it isn’t going to happen… or if it does the weight will be back on within the month.

I lost six pounds in my first week of slimming world. After four weeks I was well on my way to a stone weight loss and dropping my first dress size. I felt great and my skin looked even better.

If you are realistic with what you’d like to achieve then you won’t be disappointed. Slimming World is good – but it’s not magic!

And of course – it is all well and good identifying the problems and figuring out how to overcome them… but it isn’t always a simple as picking yourself up and brushing the cake crumbs yourself off.

And this is where I am at the moment. I know what I need to do. But I’m struggling to make myself: I can just hope that writing this blog post has helped me to get back on the wagon and out of the biscuit tin.

So if you are where I am, the biggest tip I can give you (that came from my Slimming World Consultant), is to be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself for for your syns and you’ll soon be back on track!!

Thanks for reading: 18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them



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7 thoughts on “18 Slimming World Struggles & How To Overcome Them

  1. Katie I love this post, I lost a stone on SW a couple of years ago but 5lb has crept back on lately. I know I have been making bad choices so need to get back on it now. I must say even when I was away I enjoyed cocktails still but ate healthy delicious salads. I think because I don’t go to group I sometimes blur the rules in my mind. I just found all that talking about ice cream and cakes at group not very helpful! What I need to do is read the books again order the magazine and organise myself as I never want to go back. Well doe you, your doing so great a look fab, although you looked fab before x
    Sarah Christie recently posted…A Morning Walk On The Beach In GreeceMy Profile

  2. Love this post Katie! I am really looking for inspiration at the moment, I have put on about half a stone despite doing loads of running and eating ok – it is the extra treats and wine that are my downfall! xx

  3. Great post Katie and you look great. I am in awe about you making so many meals from the magazines. I am lucky if I make one, and I think we are in a little SW rut with meals. I need to shake it up a little. I went back to class last night and fully intended to get weighed, cry after a week in an all inclusive holiday for 7 days, and go back and eat chocolate. I didn’t though. I got weighed, nearly cried but in shock at ONLY putting on 2lb and stayed for class. Best decision I made x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Adding touches of Spring to our living roomMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the blog Katie.
    I can relate to a lot of the points you’ve mentioned and now it’s time to do something about it.Thanks and good luck on your journey.xx

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