Five Under £5 – February

And so, February is upon us. Already.

It’s craziness really. January feels like the longest month in the world: but that said I can’t believe we’re well into the second month of 2016 already.

I’m still involuntarily dating things 2015…

If the high-street is anything to go off, February should be a month of romance… and pancakes… But this month my focus is on my lifestyle and food.

Slimming world rolled out their Free Food February campaign – as in syn free – but I seem to be lagging so far.

Last week was a tough week and I always struggle to stay focussed on protecting my weight loss when I’m busy (read stressed) at work and last week was no different. My syns were inclusive of revels, malteasers, curly wurlys (a multi-pack of)… I was an animal.

After all this hard work I refused to slip back into old habits.

So, my February Five Under £5 that I’m linking up with Julia over at RainBeauBelle again, has a bit of a slimming theme…


Banana Custard Muller Light.

£3 for 6 at Morrisons.

These are syn free on the slimming world plan and can be bought in most supermarkets on a multi-buy deal. I do enjoy most of the muller lights but this flavour goes particularly well with….

Jam Roly Poly Hi-Fi Light Bars.

£1.99 per box.

These can only be bought at the slimming world groups. I usually pick a box or two up if I’m feeling a bit rich. Two of these bars can be used as your Healthy Extra B and what is fabulous about this flavour is when smashed up and crumbled into a banana custard muller light. It. Tastes. #Amazeballs.

It’s very rare that I feel like I’ve had a treat when I haven’t used any syns but banana custard yoghurt with jam roly poly hi-fi is so satisfying.

20160208_152607 20160208_152614

Happy Land Surprise Bag.

£2 from ELC.

Little Miss Vista recived many wonderful christmas gifts, but there are a few that she has favoured above others. Particularly her Happy Land Dolls House. She has played with it every single day since Christmas, it encourages her to role play and gets her used to “tidy up time”.

We try not to reward Little Miss with sweeties and chocolate because when I was pregnant with her I developed gestational diabetes. We were told that unless she had a healthy lifestyle, she would be more likely to develop type two diabetes. Since this dolls house arrived, we have discovered the perfect treat for her.

The Happy Land Surprise bag. There are 8 different characters to collect, none are from the sets and they’re such a treat. Little Miss opened her bag up to find this little dude – he is now, and will be forever known as ‘Pirate Patch’ – thanks Swashbuckle!

20160208_152710 20160208_152706 20160208_152635

Valentines Jam Jar Cup.

£1.49 from Home and Bargain.

My motive behind these cups were never valentines related (Sorry Mr Vista). I seem to have hit a wall on my weight loss journey. I have seventeen pounds to lose to my target. I’ve already lost a lot more than that and know I can do it!

After seeing a pin for weight loss inspiration, I stole the idea. I got two Jam Jar cups. One to hold the weight I need to lose to hit my target – and the other to hold the weight I’ve LOST since hitting my bump in the road.

I hope to have transferred all the chocolate gold coins (signifying my kryptonite) into the LOST jar before August.

20160208_152738 20160208_152729

Mini Rose Plant.

£1.49 Morrisons.

Do you every see sometime pretty and feel the need to treat yourself?

On Monday I took Little Miss Vista on an ‘adventure’ to the supermarket. We had a girls lunch in the cafe there and had a run around the space aged fruit and veg section. She was not impressed.

It was not the park and there was no fooling her. The weather was hideous and there was no way I was letting her run around in the rain after the cold she’s just managed to shift. Needless to say she made her disdain known. Alllllllllll the way around the shop.

I got this pretty, beautifully coloured little plant to sit in my ‘tinsel town’ red dining room and make me smile at meal times.

BeFunky Collage

What did you buy that made you smile this month so far? 

Thanks so much for reading: Five Under £5 – February 



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  1. I need to get back to my slimming world group for those hi fi bars alone!! Rocky road was always my favourite 🙂 I had no idea that Happyland did surprise bags, I think I’ll be on the look out for a few of them. Lovely plant too, I keep meaning to buy some more indoor plants but I am terribly bad at looking after them! xx #fiveunder5
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