Mine and the Professor’s Emporium: WIN

Ladies and gents, it is that time of year… yes, it is the time of year that doesn’t agree with my skin, hair or nails.

I try to make the best of what I have, but sometimes I need more.

My dry skin and hair and brittle nails were all something that was aggravated by pregnancy, but they’ve always been a problem and have been a problem since I had Little Miss Vista too.

In fact it’s a problem that seems to be worsening with age. Too many of my teenage and early twenty years we spent in the ballet studio, using cheap beauty products full of parabens or not enough moisturiser OR SUN CREAM!

Two years on from becoming a Mum and I do still wish for my swishy thick, shiny pregnancy hair… no mater how dry my scalp was. I’m sure I’m not the only one who survived pregnancy with terrible skin and bald spots…

Sadly, one of the few physical features I’ve passed on to my daughter is… you guessed! Dry skin!

Over the years I’ve found a few remedies that work for me.


Face (2)

Face (1)

But in recent years I’ve been a little bit more budget conscious and can no longer afford to buy all of goodies plus Little Miss’s dry skin essentials too…

Enter Professor Scrubbington!


The Magic being Professor Scrubbington’s goodies:

Magically Foaming

“The reduced dimensions of a young personโ€™s hand rarely make a satisfactory container for a squirt of shower gel or shampoo. No, a lovely dollop of wonderful foam lingers on the palm long enough to make it to the required grimy part of the body or hair as well as being much more fun.”

Easy Squeeze Bottle

“Having broken an arm during my descent of Everest, I resolved to make one-handed ablutions in the shower a priority. Hence I developed my easy squeeze foaming bottle.”

Natural with No Nasties

“Nowhere on my travels have I encountered a young person foolish enough to bathe in the contents of the bottles from their schoolโ€™s chemistry laboratory. So following their wise example, I turn to mother nature for my concoctions (minimum 95% natural, paraben and SLS free).”

Moisturising with a Fresh Fragrance

“Having been thrown from a bucking bronco in the depths of Texas, I found myself impaled on the spikes of the wondrous Aloe Vera plant. With its gentle moisturising properties (just what my posterior parts required at that moment) and delicate fresh fragrance, it is a staple of my Emporium.”

We love:

The foaming hand and face wash
The foaming hair and body wash
The foaming shampoo
The foaming conditioner
The deodorant

The full range is designed with little people in mind… Little Miss now needs to wash her hand ten millions times per day so that she can use the hand wash – it comes out as foam – she’s two – enough said…?

I love it for the smell, it’s muck busting power and its magic gentleness on mine and Little Miss’s skin.

AND the FULL Professor Scrubbington’s range is just ยฃ20… with one of their suitcase gift boxes the range would make a fantastic gift for Christmas!

And now that we have found a skin care range that we can use as a family, I’m spending much less on toiletries. I still buy my goodies but on a annual basis rather than a monthly one.

So, how would you like to try the whole rang of Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium??

Look no further than the widget below!

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Good Luck and thanks so much for reading: Mine and the Professor’s Emporium: WIN



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30 thoughts on “Mine and the Professor’s Emporium: WIN

  1. It has a good reputation and I’m very pleased that it is SLS and paraben free as I think this is healthier for the skin and body

  2. My daughter would love to try the products she loves bath time and i have heard lots of brilliant reviews about these goodies

  3. I would love to try these product on my girls who have sensitive skin so would be great to have a product like this!

  4. The natural ingredients and easy to use / hold containers (I have MS and my hands struggle with fiddly things at times) appeal to me, I know they are aimed at children but I think they would be good for me actually! And my niece can try them too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We already use them for our 9 year old and she loves them! The bottles are so easy to use and the deodorant makes her feel super grown up x

  6. I would love to win as I am doing more cooking and activities with my daughter as she gets older and having her own products would make shower time less of a chore!

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