How To Make PERFECT Chocolate Truffles

I’m pretty sure it won’t come as a shock to you when I tell you I’m a bit of a chocoholic on the sly.


I’m more for darker chocolate and even as a child would send my pocket-money on Bournville… Not something I would eat now but that was the height of chocolate excellence when I was 6.

As an adult I love all things Lindt, Green and Blacks and most recently Hotel Chocolat thanks to my friend Heledd getting me hooked.

Since changing my lifestyle on the Slimming World programme, I’ve worked a lot less with Chocolate in baking so I won’t be tempted. But as Christmas is coming, I now have an excuse… because I can have a little taste and give the goods away before I eat every last scrap.

Chocolate Ganache is something that is lovely to work with to top cakes, make frosting or truffles. So when I heard that Squires Kitchen had started to box the stuff ready to be made I HAD to try it out… I didn’t believe that something that came out of a packet could be as good as real, life, melted with love Ganache…

ganache Collage

How wrong I was…

Not only is it gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, the powder itself is shredded chocolate with powdered cream and… cocoa butter!

I learned at a work-shop earlier in the year that the best of chocolate has cocoa butter in it. Cheaper, less tasty chocolate will have had the cocoa butter removed and replaced with a cheaper hydrogenated fat.

So as you can imagine this made me a VERY happy… Each box does contain the equivalent of 63.5 syns though… wasn’t so happy about this.

250g / 14 truffles = 4.5 syns each… Worth it!


So, without further ado…

How to make the PERFECT Christmas chocolate GLITTER truffles…

*A massive thanks to Squires Kitchen for gifting me with these items – they were truly decadent and I loved working with them*

What did you think?? Will you be giving them a try??

Thanks so much for reading: and I hope you feel inspired to make your own… so worth every syn!

Love and gold Christmas glitter,


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